After sleeping for many years, the Explorer Mind is activating you. Is there an emergency ?

Explore the dwellers world, and find the artefacts holding the key to stopping an all-out war.

Take control of three different bots:

  • Mini bot, able to hack ancient terminals and jump on walls
  • Hard-boiled bot, able to enhance its capabilities, and resist harsh conditions.
  • Rocket bot, flying to hard to reach places

Upon discovering hidden artefacts, which upgrades will you unlock first ?

It is up to you to decide your path!


- 3 playable characters
- multiple endings
- non-violence
- easy to play, hard to master
- speedrun potential



Interact: up arrow or enter
Move: left and right
Jump: space
Other capabilities: ctrl and shift
Pause/quit: escape

-Xbox360 gamepad-

Interact: up or B
Move: left and right
Jump: A
Other capabilities: X, RB and RT
Pause/quit: Y

Sand and Rust

A JoqLePecheur's Game

made with GameMaker Standard Edition

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state of the game


The game is fully finished and downloadable on but I expect to make a few bug fix if necessary.

If you discover a strange hidden room with undecipherable characters, you've stumbled upon the "dwellers room". It currently holds no function.

I am considering expanding the game by adding challenging trials and enigmas that will ultimately unlock a new ending in future versions depending on the feedback.

You can download it here:

Tiles making tutorial

Tiles making tutorial

Textures Tutorial 1 comment

Guide to create tiles using a simple design method for 2d games.

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