Rusty Guns is a very short and new platformer-puzzle-adventure-arcade game where you play with buttons and locks.

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ShouldBeNew says

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A short great 2D game! I enjoyed this alot. Let me explain my reviews:

Rusty Guns 1:
The story was perfect but short. I liked the ending. Good puzzles but they are very simple.

Rusty Guns 2:
This one was a bit harder. It got a great story too but the ending was a meh. I expected a better ending. The new puzzles had a great design. But 1-2 of them not. In one of them it took me like 10 deaths to shot a button by falling. That wasn't fun but otherwise it's ok.

Rusty Guns 3:
2 Years later Rusty Guns 3 is released. This one was much MUCH better. There we're 2 boss fights and that was awesome. It also included new level design but the physics, gravity and most of that are changed. The death animation is now an explosion! Well you turn old but the story is still good. Nothing more i should spoil but i think Rusty Guns 3 is the best. Well if you wan't to get Rusty Guns 3 then get it here:


Malkadir says

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A fascinating minimalist western plateformer.

This game is fantastic in a way that there is almost no way that the game could be improved. The game could only get longer and more complex, for the enjoyment of the fans but with the risk that it will get less fun to play.
There is actually almost no downside to the game. I actually only see two of them : the hitbox of the character could be smaller so the gun will disappear in the wall instead of being blocked by it, and the music shouldn't repeat everytime we die. As you can see it is no big deal. We would aslo enjoy variations of the music but it is barely needed.


avenged7ex says

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Very good game considering it was made in game maker 9/10
some times your sprite gets stuck inside of the coffins because of them switching on and off


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