Now upgraded to Hyper Edition! Hyper Edition includes a new optional game setting with increased gameplay speed, character control changes, and other tweaks. Bigger than a nanite! Smaller than a trash can! Feistier than a vengeful princess! Jump, puzzle and shoot thru spaceships and their systems as vanguard robot ‘SLUG’. Raid vessels for your galactic debt collecting master in pristine pixel perfection. Features: - 21 action packed levels. - Tons of enemy types, plenty of gun-turrets and epic bosses. - exciting power-ups and weapon-upgrades - classic platform action with unique.environmental hazards. - joyous retro style featuring 16bit era pixel art and chiptunes.

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savegame location cyberkiller40 cyberkiller40 - read

Sep 29 2013

game crashed without error message or notification cyber-trance cyber-trance - read

Jan 17 2013


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