Play as the Hunter, a young Mayan warrior who seeks out the golden idol of Itz'at, a sacred treasure that has been lost to his people for centuries. Recovering the idol from the derelict temple of Quetzalcoatl will prove that not only is he a man, but a truly fearsome hunter that can defeat any enemy. As the Hunter, players will go into the temple in this 3rd-person stealth action game, where they must assassinate the undead warriors that guard the idol. Using only a mystical dagger and the shadows, the Hunter must be hidden and quiet to defeat the enemies, as alerting the undead will result in a quick demise for the Hunter.

Please visit our website,, for a look at our development cycle and download our game!

System Requirements:
1 GB DDR2 Ram
512 MB GPU Memory
1.3 GHZ Processor
* This game will currently only work on Nvidia graphics cards. We are currently working on a patch for ATI cards. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

W = Menu Choice Up / move player forward
A = move player LEFT
S = Menu Choice Down / move player backward
D = move player Right

Enter/Left Click = Choose menu option
Left Click (in game) = Assassinate enemy

F = Whistle
Space - Hunter Vision
Right Click (hold) = Take cover
Shift = Sprint
C = Crouch
Esc = Pause menu
F1 = Help Menu

Console commands:

/l (desired number, 1,2,3,4) - skip level
/d enablenoclip - No Clipping mode
/d disablenoclip
/d disableAI - disable ai
/d enableAI

Our team consists of:

Producer - Nick Hull

Tech Lead - James Hood
System Architecture Lead - Brad Curless
Programmer - Stephen Arredondo
Programmer - Kyle Otterbein
Programmer - Josh Gibbs
Programmer - Greg Stefanakis

Art Lead - James Stutts
Artist - Dan Romero
Artist - Patrick Glenn
Artist - Will Resavy
Artist - Sean Horning
Artist - Lauren Holloway
Artist - Troy Richardson

Known Issues:
Enemies cannot cross over fallen pillar in level 3: section 2.

If you miss an assassination but still manage to initiate an assassination, player is still rewarded the points.

Sometimes camera clipping occurs due to cover system pushing camera to new location by being near edge of wall.

Enemies disappear when exiting level.

Counter not always lining up properly.

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Rite of Passage Released


Rite Of Passage In-Game ImagesRite Of Passage In-Game Images
We are proud to announce that Paradux has released the finished version of Rite of Passage! A 3rd-person stealth game, players take on the role of the Hunter, who must recover the Golden Idol of Itz'at for his tribe. Along the way, he must avoid the undead warriors that guard the idol, and assassinate them when he gets the chance.
At Paradux, we developed this game over the last five months, with a team of 14 students at Full Sail University. We came up with the concept, designed it and developed it, and now it is time to finally release it. We hope everybody gets a chance to check out the game, as we are all proud of what we have been able to accomplish these last 5 months. Please note the that game currently only runs on Nvidia graphics cards, and that we hope to have a patch that allows users to play on ATI machines soon. Visit our site, for more information and a look back at our development. Thanks!
Rite Of Passage In-Game ImagesRite Of Passage In-Game Images

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Rite Of Passage

Rite Of Passage

Full Version

This is the final version of Rite of Passage. Play through all 4 levels, sticking to the shadows and assassinating your enemies on the way to recovering...


please! do more stealth games or add on to this one good work!

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With a little more polish and more levels . . . this can turn into a full fledged retail game. It has a lot of potential.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

a stealth game in a maya universe, original !

{btw desura need stealth game}

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