You wake up in a hospital with no memories... You are in Buenos Aires in year 2035 and the city is under the control of a military organization. Suddenly, you realize that your life is in danger and that you need to escape as fast as possible. What would you do faced with such a situation? Find out in Reversion - The Escape, the first chapter of a graphic science-fiction adventure in point’n’click.

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A well developed game in a similar vain to the classic Lucasarts games like Monkey Island. Great Grapics and voice acting although some of the translations to English are slightly off at times.

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Graphics are nice, story line may be interesting (have to wait I guess, probably won't), some non-intuitive actions (though which adventure game in history avoided that pitfall?)...I personally play adventure games to be immersed into story and character, but as short as this "chapter" is and the fact that rest are not available I have to say I am disappointed. I would suggest to anyone (other than those helping with testing), to wait until all chapters are available so that the entire game can be enjoyed.


i think the game has very well done graphics and the content and gameplay is amazing


linux version has missing files.


Bon jeu mais on ne connait pas grand chose de l'histoire dans ce premier épisode. A suivre...


Good game. I like it's set in Buenos Aires. It's not easy.

because it's short indie... =(

very good


Nice cartoon graphics and dubbing but some illogical actions and little short.

Good game, but I couldn't beat it without hints.

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