In the year 2100, in a world of harmony, everyone lived at peace. The war had just ended, and now the Imperial Empire is training an army that could withstand any invasion. This put the people at rest. Nothing could ever go wrong... but this was only the beginning of worse things to come...

In reality, the Imperial Empire was training an army to take over other country. An unstoppable army. They were going to take over the world.
You [the player], Dominic, was part of this army, though, you didn't know the truth. You thought the army was just for protection. You didn't know that the Imperial Empire was going to invade another country.

Months have passed since then, and you are on the boats, sailing to invade the other country. Massive warships, bomber planes, nuclear submarines, you know now you are invading another country.

But at this time, another, much bigger invasion was about to take place. An invasion from the demons of hell. The invasion took full force onto the Imperial Empire, taking it out in a matter of days. This is when the invading force was ambushed, by MASSIVE demons that took out everyone. Everyone, except you...

5 years have passed and you wake up in a house, a house in the country of Ethrelem. But this isn't right. This was the country you was invading. Turns out, your homeland was invaded by Ethrelem shortly after the demon attack and taken completely over.

And the news get worse, during the demon invasions, the demons were taking souls of the people back to hell. Many have died, including your parents. Your family.

Your mission now is to hide out in Ethrelem until you can get high enough ranks in the military and take back your country, and then take back your parents from hell.

This game will be made in RPG Maker VX Ace and will be released on PC and hopefully Linux, Android, and iOS. It will also be released in English and Japanese.

Some information about the game:
*Made in RPG Maker VX Ace
*Uses an ABS based battle system
*Over 200+ Playable Maps
*Multiple World Maps, including the main one being 250x250 in size
*Many playable characters
*Many weapons, items, and skills to use
*Usable skills such as mining, crafting, smithing, etc.
*and much...much...more

Minimal System Requirements:
CPU: Intel Dual-Core or AMD Based CPU @ 2.0 GHz (2.4 GHz recommended)
RAM: 1GB (2GB or more recommended)
HDD: Currently unknown (estimating around 500MB)

more to come as the game is developed...

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Revenge is under full development now. This game takes place in a Sci-Fi like future and it is your job to take back your homeland.

More information is to come soon as I make progress on this game. I will have a playable demo out as soon as there is at least 1 hour of gameplay. Until then, I will be releasing screenshots and videos on my progress.

Stay tuned...

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