A zombie survival game, play alone as you take on swarms of zombie waves or band together and play online with other players as you fight to take back the city and your survival.

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Interesting game with great atmosphere!

what you could do better:
From someone using the same engine you could do a better job at texturing things (mainly add "texture borders" where textures end, e.g. on the edges of houses - for clarification feel free to message me at @tinyworlds). Also some minor flaws as the fire on some burning barrels having a too small radius and floating slightly above.
I also miss the old single player mode, where you explored the level step by step in order to kill all zombies and win the game.

what is really good:
The atmosphere! Both the music and lightening create a very dark mood, I love it.
It's also very interesting to see all the different weapons, with their interesting effects. Especially the grenade launcher effect looks cool!

Keep it up, very interesting game! Have fun :D


I LOVED IT! I'm Xeiks from YouTube, I did a video w/ commentary about this. I totally suggest this game. It has a great future! I bet it will be better than Left 4 Dead 2 soon! Keep up that great work!


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