A 2D action adventure game with rogue-like elements for Windows where you escape a prison while collecting gems, killing guards, acquiring powerups, and saving other prisoners along the way. FULL 360 CONTROLLER INTEGRATION! SINGLE PLAYER or TWO PLAYER COOPERATIVE!

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Even if this game is still in Alpha, the catchy music and retro graphics are equals, if not superior, to many old games.
Additionally, the gameplay, whilst not that complex, is captivating and strategic enough to keep peoples glued to this game and try to obtain all the various combinations.


i like retro gaming, master system, c64, amiga. but this is nothing for me.

This game brings back the good 'ol days of 8-bit awsomeness. It will keep you on the edge of your seat and ready to destroy anything! I mainly love the shop option, to earn credit in a game to buy something is cool, but earn and instantly buy is game creation made for the gamer! this is highly deserving of a 10/10!


I love new ideas. Sure it has its flaws but im hooked on it.


nideri says

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Boring. But awesome.


good gfame but i wish you can randomize each prison


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Do my eyes deceive? I am amazed and slightly aroused at the pure intensity that foolmoron brings to the table with this revolutionary game!

WOW so much fun!!! entertaining hard, fast paced,original, different!!! WOW!!!


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