Survive and explore a procedurally generated planet and cave-system. Discover old remnants of an ancient, advanced, alien society. Their residuals made a mark on the planet. Their technology might help you survive it.

You crashed your space-ship on an unknown planet … not a smart move!

Can you survive the planet, and find a way of?.. perhaps by using the residual technology left behind an ancient advanced race?

RESIDUAL is a survival platformer, with crafting, light puzzling, and exploration.

An adventure game free of guns, weapons and violence.


RESIDUAL throws you onto a procedurally generated planet, with no humanoid lifeforms. Your task? Survive! - Explore caves, scavenge, craft, fish, pluck, chop, climb, jump, push, pull, solve puzzles, and survive!

Stumble into the remnants of an ancient (technology) civilization and see if you can dig up the residual technology and possibly fix your space ship and escape the planet!


The game is build on Orangepixel's new Nature engine, where the whole planet is procedurally generated based on nature-rules.

Sunlight, heat or coldness, vegetation or sand, darkness or brightness it will all dictate what type of life lives on the planet, how it survives on the planet, and the resources available to hopefully escape the planet.

You might find yourself on a lush green planet in one game session, but on a dry, hot barren world the next. Or perhaps an ice-cold planet where keeping some fire going will be the main focus of survival.

The game will always hand you the tools to survive and escape, but the placement, the shape, and the usage of those tools will vary vastly from game to game!

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Wishlist Residual here:

Wow, it's been a while since I posted an update on these pages, and that absolutely does NOT mean that the game has not been making improvements.. the opposite actually, it's been making HUGE improvements!

I've been pushing weekly update-builds of the game towards Kickstarter backers and Patrons, and I've been posting weekly devlog-videos and devlog-posts on Youtube and the official Orangepixle website!

So development has been great, and I'm pretty sure I'm still on schedule with the game. Some of the key high-lights of features that have been added in recent months since the last update on this Steam page:

- Random life-forms - procedurally generated code creates a fairly large amount of random creatures depending on the planet, the temperature, the layout, and a few other key properties of the environment.

- Base building - this feature has increased a bit, as you can now build a bunch more devices, and you can even connect various devices. So let's say you have a lot of raw-quartz, build a quartz-refinery device, hook it up to a furnace to turn that quartz into silicon, and connect a Silo to that furnace to store all the output in. That's just one of the examples, there's a host of others added to the game!

- Save games - mostly interesting to those who have access to this early build, but we now have proper save-game options (5 slots). Making the exploration part a lot more fun in this early build!

- Lore / Information - A bunch of options to tell the story and various other information you need to understand what's been going on in this part of the galaxy.

- General gameplay and interface improvements - making it more polished, easier for the player to understand what to do, and generally just an improvement all over the place.

- Characters - we now have the option to pick a character, currently only two characters are in the game but I plan on adding one or two more!

And there's been hundreds more changes and improvements, for a full list check here:

Of course there's also a weekly video talking about the Game and the changes I made, so every Thursday you get a little insight into things like in last Thursday's video:

Stay updated!

Now just a reminder that you can keep updated in MANY ways on the game, I'm always fairly open with development, so just to remind you, the MAIN ways to stay updated on all that's Residual are: - I hang out there during the day as I'm working, and always open to talk about stuff or answer questions. Please don't all private message me, it's a fun, small community, so don't be afraid to post in public. That saves me a lot of time having to repeat things :)

This is also the place to talk about ideas, features, and I ask for opinions every now and then.. so best place to give your thoughts on things!

Youtube/Orangepixel - Every Thursday there's a new video, and most of those will be covering Residual as that's the game I'm working on! (with some exceptions where I talk about the upcoming Switch game releases). Also next week's video will be about this Kickstarter campaign, things I learned, things to think about, etc.

Twitter/orangepascal - My personal twitter, I'm most active on this one, and post all stuff I'm working on. If you prefer just the official stuff, then check the Orangepixel twitter account: less posts, mostly just about releases and discounts.

Instagram - I often post Stories about bugs, code, and other things happening. So follow along !

And I will of course also push out updates to this page right here! So you can pick how much of Residual and it's development you want to follow!

And for now that's it.. the game is still going strong, and is heading for a 2021 release! - See you in 2021!

Residual opening up the spaceship!

Residual opening up the spaceship!


New life forms added, a cool way to crashland on a planet like a pro, and a long list of fixes and improvements in this weeks update!

Kickstarter AND new planet graphics

Kickstarter AND new planet graphics


Residual now has a demo and is on Kickstarter! It also comes with a completely new planet added to the procedural rotation this week.

Residual - Adding sandworms, and adding Depth to Mining!

Residual - Adding sandworms, and adding Depth to Mining!


A standard Orangepixel Games creature gets it's first appearance in Residual, and the whole mining code and usability get's a front-row seat as part of...

Improving the interface and adding Teleportation!

Improving the interface and adding Teleportation!


Let's add some teleportation to the game, and improve the whole gameplay flow for players who have no clue what they are getting themselves into! - aka...

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