RemoteRealms is a free-to-play retro MMORPG with charming graphics and quirky storylines. The beta version of the game is now available at

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Vaillerrithes, the new elven city in Remote Realms brings a host of new resources and content to the game.

In order to get to Vaillerrithes, you must either build and sail your own ship, or venture across the mountains past dozens of boulder-hurling mountain giants (not unlike Fezzik in the Princess Bride!)

Within Vaillerrithes Castle, you can find a bank chest, a spinning wheel, and a water fountain.

Vaillerrithes Castle

With Vaillerrithes comes the highest tier fishing spot, Swordfish (requires Harpoon which can be bought from the Elven shop run by Sanos)


The new highest tier Tree, Mystic Trees, are also located in Vaillerrithes exclusively - these trees require level 75 woodcutting to chop. Along with the Mystic trees, Vaillerrithes is also home to Iqus Trees, a strange elvish variety that is especially well suited for making arrow shafts.

Mystic TreesIqus

Inside the walls of Vaillerrithes you will find several new NPC types, including the strong and dangerous Elven Archers.

Elven Archer

You will also find additional farming spots and compost bin locations on the Eastern side of Vaillerrithes, including 2 herb patches!

V Farming

Come check out Vaillerrithes and all the new content for yourself, there is so much more than we mentioned here!

Sailing and Sea Combat!

Sailing and Sea Combat!


Meet Remote Realms most recent skill, Sailing! Sailing is an all-new skill in Remote Realms. Use it as a fast-paced travel method or raid pirates and...

About the new skill Gathering

About the new skill Gathering


Introducing the new skill and discussing its role in the game.

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Full Version

Download the latest client from


This an interesting project, hope more people try it out

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This game is an upcoming point and click RPG Adventure. Its quirky and funny.

You have quests to complete to unlock other things in the game.

A pretty sizable map to explore.

Unique Skills to train (some afk).

Loot to grab.

And Friends to make.

All that and its FREE. So why not hop on and join us in the adventure

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This game is super fun, it's a grindy point and click game, but it has great unique content and I am really enjoying competing for positions in the hiscores.

Highly recommended to fans of afk grinding medieval type games with pvp and questing.

Vert reminiscent of the old days of runescape (pre 2007) but very different in it's own way. Different and unique skills and concepts. Much larger and more spread out world map, so nothing feels squished.

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