Tanks patrol desolate city streets. Turrets and missile sites threaten the skies. Robot warriors carrying pulse rifles surround military installations. What's become of Earth? Machines have taken over. Corporate greed and rapid technological advancements have made humans pawns of their own creations. During the first fifteen years of the 21st century, Mega Corp began to dominate computer technology in both peacekeeping and war-fighting applications. As this giant churned out better and better technology for manufacturing and warfare, humans were relegated to service industries or to working as drones on PC terminals. Mega Corp became the largest employer in the United States.

By 2010, every computer in America used Mega Corp software and was Internet-connected and monitored through the Mega Corp Network—antitrust suits be damned. Each day, Mega Corp would issue government-endorsed messages through the Network that broadcast pro-machine propaganda. The country was becoming brainwashed.

In 2018, the wonders of artificial intelligence turned ugly in the hands of a few disillusioned Mega Corp programmers. Frustrated at being a part of such an ethically challenged corporation, these hacks altered coding in various Mega Corp products—turning certain robot and tank machinery into self-directed, man-killing machines.

Today, May 2019, in a war-torn, machine-ravaged world, only a few freethinkers remain. Only a few outsiders have escaped the spell of the Network. Dr. Raines is the leader of a group of rebels called the Alliance. He and a few others have developed a computer program that gives the operator control over an experimental tank. You control this tank and must defeat these robot warriors.

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News 4 comments

Lets be practical, Recoil is a pretty old game, almost 24 Years old though in my childhood (well, everyone had different childhoods right!) this is the only 3D realistic tank game. Since its release I played every weekend in my elder brother P-II PC.
And after 2-3 years in my city some company created a city-wide LAN for particularity this game though SOF, Blood-II and MOH added later.
And this multiplayer Recoil game glued us for more 2-3 years.
After that due to Heavy graphical other game this Recoil game slowly disappear from every other games parlor.

After near a decade, mm about 2-3 years ago (year 2021), someone from neighborhood of my city found a way to play Recoil Multiplayer. Not only this as Recoil was Windows 98 era, they (include. me) found a way to play Recoil in Modern PC too. Now Recoil game is supported in Windows 10 with any kind a graphics & RAM you have. (I tested on Windows 10 - 6GB RAM & GTX 560ti) And we are playing over Internet also. (for information: westwood online - the internet playable way was shutdown 10 years ago)

Now, The Big Part, We are trying & doing itsi-bitsi things to create a modded version of the same (You know New Maps, New Weapons etc. And will release addon also for the game. When is a matter of time but we will constantly update this till that.

regards - dHROOb

Snizzle : Concept for a new weapon, the Laser Refractor

Laser Refractor

Laser Refractor 2

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RECOIL - Demo (28.09.1999)

RECOIL - Demo (28.09.1999)


Recoil is a vehicular combat tank-based Microsoft Windows video game. It involves the player piloting an experimental tank known as the "BFT" (Battle...

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The_Preacher - - 820 comments

Absolutely enjoyed in this game when I was a kid - played its demo over and over and over ... probably one of the first games I was "hooked onto", alongside Delta Force and Urban Assault.

I was overjoyed to see the page here now, too, for this game.

One can also find full game on MyAbandonware site, and there are surely patches and solutions if needed to have (usually for old games like this that ran on Voodoo II on 12 MB of VRAM - yes, you read it good, 12 MB of VRAM - one would need 3dfx Glide wrapper)

The game was and still is very fun ... remaking this on UE4 or 5 would be highly interesting, I dont recall good vehicular combat with depth for longer time now.

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