Realmstone is a fantasy multiplayer hack and slash game with some kingdom building elements. You take control of a merchant house and employ various level able champions to go out into the world an bring back treasures to your house. We draw strongly on traditional fantasy settings games such as Master of Magic and Moonstone.

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I like pie, bacon and many other things...this game being one of them.

This game as it stands at writing of the review is a good, fun, addictive concept, with the 'just one more dungeon'-feeling. The classes are diverse, and with some more minor updates this could be a pretty top game if you are into the genre. It's especially good to play with some friends and even short play sessions are possible.


This came combines severals genres into one playable online platform - elements of moonstone, travian, settlers, castlecrashers are evident and neatly implanted.

The game itself evolves very frequently with major patches going out weekly, thus keeping the world alive and everchanging. The creator bases these weekly patches on feedback and input provided by the community, as well as on his own reflection of the current state of Realmstone.

All in all - thumbs up!.


Funny little game with a pvp centric aspect. Could do with a bit of expanding on its basic premises, like building cities, their positions and such. Potential for something fun is in there for the future.


A great indie MMO.




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