Introducing the latest, proper interactive fiction game from CoaguCo Industries and the first to include an editor so that you can write and share your own stories, based in the Raise Your Own Clone world, with others.

The game is currently available on and a demo version will be available sometime in mid-October for curious players to try out. If the Steam Greenlight succeeds, we will hopefully launch it a month after that is accepted.

You are about to uncover four twisted tales of misadventure surrounding people connected, in some way, by the late Dr. Cyrus Stansfield's cloning machine. Within these stories you must face the ethical dilemmas and possible fortune while guiding each character to their own end.

In proper fashion, the player starts a story and navigates by making decisions at certain times to continue on. Occasionally there are randomized events that will happen, making multiple playthroughs somewhat different. Each story has various ends and a few achievements.

The story takes place in the city of Starkham; the same location as One Way To Die. If the game is accepted on Steam, owners of One Way To Die will get some additional surprises. There will be some recognizable places and characters spanning both games.

The game comes with four stories which are released in episodic fashion:

  • Story One - The Addict follows the nephew of Dr. Stansfield after he gets out of rehab and inherits the lab.
  • Story Two - The Doctor reveals exactly what happened to Dr. Stansfield leading to his nephew taking over.
  • Story Three - The Kid follows a little girl who stumbles into the lab after it has been condemned following the nephew's untimely mistakes.
  • Story Four - The Clone is about one of the clones who survives and tries to make sense of everything that happened.

The game launches with story one, The Addict, with the additional three stories to follow as periodic updates. Story two, The Doctor, should launch about a month to a month and a half afterward. Stories three and four will also come out with the same time gaps.

Additionally, our editor will become available after the fourth story is added so that players can create their own stories within the Raise Your Own Clone world and make them accessible for others to play through our website, hopefully Steam Workshop, e-mail, flash drive, etc.

There are also 25 achievements, of course, per story as well as global ones. More are added as each new story is unveiled. The game also keeps track of various statistics, both personal and global. There are even leaderboards for specific statistics to see how you measure up against other players in your decisions.

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Raise Your Own Clone Has Been Greenlit

Holy crap. Well, the game has been greenlit which is awesome but we are also getting ready to launch our third game on Steam and at the end of this month so things are going to get tricky! We had also planned to drop an announcement trailer for Story Two of Raise Your Own Clone as well as a release date, details on a new engine, and a price decrease next week but this greenlit news has forced our hand! So here we go...

Greenlight Plans
Raise Your Own Clone's Steam version will be released June 30th, 2016! It will launch on Steam with stories one and two in tow. users should get access to both stories a little earlier though. Also, we plan on sending their Steam keys out the last week of June in preparation for the Steam launch.

Engine Changes
One of the big delays for Story Two was a change-over on the engine used. We are moving out of the in-house Python engine over to Godot, which was used for The Dope Game. This swap will allow us to add in features we had planned but were not going so well with our customized engine.

Story Two
We were planning on dropping the next announcement trailer on you next week and will still do so. But we hadn't planned on mentioning that today. Also we will be dropping the price of the game and will start that today! Head over to to see the new price and also snag it on sale as part of Week!

Stay tuned for more information because we have a lot of stuff coming up really soon.

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Raise Your Own Clone : Windows 64-Bit Demo

Raise Your Own Clone : Windows 64-Bit Demo


The 64-bit demo of Raise Your Own Clone... for Windows!

Raise Your Own Clone : Windows 32-Bit Demo

Raise Your Own Clone : Windows 32-Bit Demo


The official Raise Your Own Clone demo for Windows 32-Bit!

Raise Your Own Clone : Ubuntu/Linux Demo

Raise Your Own Clone : Ubuntu/Linux Demo


This is the Ubuntu/Linux version of the demo, v2.0.0!

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