Human minds are capable of being represented as data, thoughts and beliefs categorized and represented within the technological realm. Who is to say that the human mind is then bound to the body? In a place where the human body would not be able to survive, the human mind may continue to operate through proxy. The memories, emotions, and character of individuals imprinted within the bodies of machines, in this world we are immortal.

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Aios Concept v.2
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AIOS (root, greek word Aiolos)

Description: These are tall, fast moving units that do not have legs, and instead have extended exhaust ports, shooting jets of flame into the ground. Their weapons consist of a long "Vair" shield with a spear, which can fire and reload an explosive tip. They attack in groups of 4 or 5 and act as harassers, moving in close, and maneuvering to outflank players. Their shields reflect smaller projectiles like bullets, and are only effected by energy weapons, explosives, and melee weapons. If close range fire from players is too heavy, Aios may fall back and launch explosive spear tips at the players, to force them to break position and come to them. Aios primary assets are their speed and reflective shield, as they do not deal massive amounts of damage, and cannot themselves sustain much damage. These are to be lower mid range units.
Coloration: Teal and bright yellow.
Resource Cost: 100
Supply Cost: 2
Health: 350 (shield 1,250)
Range: Primary melee, secondary 40
Speed: 350
Role: Melee harassment

Art by: Anthony DePietro

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