Help the professor rescue his cute little creations by distracting the Quibbles as he sets up his traps. Outsmart cute monsters, collect candy, and unlock exciting new leves in this fun and unique game.

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Quibbles Released!


I've just release Quibbles for Android. If you like casual mobile games, Quibbles is for you. Safe for little kids too.

The professor has lost his Quibbles! His fun loving little monsters have escaped and it's up to you to help the professor rescue them before they are lost forever.

While Professor Rocker-Schmocker sets up his Quibble traps, you need to keep the monsters busy. Build mazes and use candies and tools to keep the Quibbles running around as long as possible.

Delay the Quibble

Collect Candies

Use Tools

For future releases I'm planning on adding more levels and critters to chase the Quibbles as well as more tools to help you.

I'd love feedback!


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