Quest Of Ezra is a platformer about society and personal sacrifice. You play as Ezra, who has recieved a letter from "Sociey inc.", telling him to collect a large sum of money. You guide guide him through the physical sacrfice he is going to have to make in order to pass the 50+ levels on his path to Society inc. In Quest Of Ezra you use spikes to lose mass, and saws to launch you through the air.

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Hello World


What Is Quest Of Ezra?
QoE is a platformer, with a twist.

Whats that twist?
Instead of spikes killing you, they slice off a part of you, making you lighter and allowing you to reach higher places. Saws, instead of obliterate, fling you and release blood making you sticky so you can wall jump.

Who's it from?
hcwool is responsibe for the art and code, while Gunn Rouche is doing the music and soundscapes!

Do you have a website?

Can I buy it?
Pre-orders are coming soon :)

Can I lets play it?
Message me. NOW.

nickperdue666 - - 1 comments

Hey man, would love to dl this and try it out for my gaming blog. I didn't see a msg option so find us on FB: "Wicked Basement"

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Don't worry guys I'm still alive and kicking! Expect updates soon

May 20 2014

RT @Gunn_Rouche: The @QuestOfEzra soundtrack has now been likened to #Morrowind & #Skyrim - a little more synthetic sounding of course :) Cool, thanks!

Jan 29 2014

RT @Gunn_Rouche: One more cutscene for @QuestOfEzra to go, then the giant mix down process will commence...

Nov 29 2013

RT @QuestOfEzra: Hey guys, still searching for someone to do artistic work (Making cutscenes for @QuestOfEzra ) let me know if interested #gamedev

Nov 26 2013

RT @QuestOfEzra: Hey guys, I'm looking for a sketch artist to work on cutscenes and PR material for my game @QuestOfEzra.

Nov 25 2013

Slow progress can be friggn frustrating.

Nov 24 2013

#screenshotsaturday Doing work on the website

Nov 23 2013

RT @QuestOfEzra: So the @QuestOfEzra official website is up. Yay.

Nov 23 2013

Whats up game devs! RT for RT anyone?

Nov 20 2013