Welcome to Queeny Army

In this adventure you will embody one of 12 girls who escaped from an adoption house / school from the hands of corrupt policemen who murdered their classmates and their director.

A former commander of the armed forces who meets her decides to help and train them to overthrow that corrupt government headed by the president who is the leader of a criminal organization, and to take revenge for what they did to their teacher and their classmates.

Each girl has a different special ability and exclusive weapons, fight with the different weapons that you find along the way, use your skills in your favor and defeat the different bosses that you will find your journey through San Romero.

This game is only on English and Spanish but I'll add more languajes in the future (not necessary for play)

This is a Lineal game with 6 diferent levels and 4 difficult levels, every difficult level is a new challenge you can reach.


This game is extremly hard, if you dont know how to play run and gun games I recomend start with Easy mode because you have infinile lives

and you cant save the game on any mode, is short but hard, train on Easy mode and when you are ready accept the new challenges, you can unlock new weapons if you end the game on diferent difficult levels, good luck

When you start Queeny Army just have a basical weapon (pistols) with unlimited ammo, you can found many others powerfull weapons but with limited ammo for open you way on each level, you can jump normaly, also have a double jump, with double jump you can make damage to the enemies jumping above them and you can aim your weapon to 8 directions on the air.

Finally you can slide on walls and jump them to reach unacessible areas with normal jumps.


This game contains sexual themes like violation references, gender violence and murders, it's not able for childs, please be responsable.

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Hi everyone.

Reading many feedback I decide put news and changes for the game, these changes can help you to get this game again and finally finish it, this patch is made tinking on new players who dont know how to play run n gun genre, so this is the new update patch 1.1.0.

Features on the game.


now you can save your game by missions on Easy, Normal and Hard mode

the only thing you have to do is go to menu in game and select Save and Quit and your game will being saved

Continue System on normal and Hard mode

As you know you have infinite lives on easy mode but Normal and hard if you die you return until the begining, but no more!

I include a simple continue System

-You can pay 5000 points of your score for continue the game
-On easy mode you have inifinite lives but if you die it cost to you 1000 points, dont worry if you dont have 1000 points you can continue but your score being less than 1000
-on Oldschool is the big challenge and you can't continue if you die

the patch also have little features like...
-Changes on the first mission
-Bosses on easy and normal mode have less life than Hard and Oldschool mode
-new signal on lore, that indicates you can skip that pressing ESC.

I hope those features makes the game more enjoyable to you.

see you later.

al_link Creator
al_link - - 3 comments

Thanks to everyone who participate on the giveaway, let me know if you was the fortunate and won a key, and people who don't got a key, please help me to promote and I will giveaway more keys if we reach the 1000 sold copies, take advantage and put the game on your wishlist and share it with your friends.

kind regards.

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