Pyramid Plunge is a lighthearted action platformer with procedurally generated levels that offer a challenging experience every time you play. Take control of an odd cartoony couple and protect your partner from peril. Have complete freedom while you explore the fully-destructible pyramids of ancient civilizations filled with deadly creatures, booby traps and immense treasure. Be fast or slow, greedy or cautious, safe or reckless... it's all about fine balance between risk and reward!

Key Features

  • Roguelike Platforming - Randomly-generated, fully-destructible levels are filled with traps, monsters and lots of loot. You'll also find equipment from previous lost explorers. Quick reflexes and quick thinking on how to use the environment to your advantage will go a long way!
  • Hilarious Local PvP - Enjoy comical battles with your family and friends, where the player who enters the exit with the most money wins!
  • Choose your character - You choose who will be the hero... Giorgio or Felicie?
  • Beat your friends online - Play PvP with your Steam friends as if they were beside you. They don't even need to have the game installed!
  • Pyramid of the Day - Each day a new set of levels is generated. Get to learn the best path and brag your highest score on the online leaderboard which resets every 24hrs.
  • Lovable characters - The odd couple, Giorgio and Felicie are two complete opposites. She likes reading and visiting museums and old temples. He likes beer and farting! Will they put their differences aside and find their way out?
  • Learning by Doing Dying - With each excruciating, hilarious, and surprising death, you'll learn how to think faster to escape the traps and creatures lurking in the pyramids.

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In this update you have a new weapon that you can find in crates or buy from the merchant. The Boomerang:


Be careful when it's coming back. If you don't catch it in time, it can hit you.

Also now you can send feedback from within the game. While in a level, just press F8 and you can enter your feedback. The last 30seconds of replay data will be sent (typically less than 200k). Your feedback and replay will be sent to Pyramid Plunge's server, which will then notify me via email. I can then check out your replay to better understand your feedback. If you provide a correct email address I will be able to reply to you.

Wishlist/Download Demo/Follow from Steam, Gamejolt or

Release Notes


  • Boomerang
  • Press F8 to send Feedback with replay


  • Exclamation marks to show that an enemy has seen you where not visible in the replays
  • Fog should not be drawn in replay, if it was disabled
  • Bomb was remaining flashing when it was underwater (but never exploded)
  • Fix when doing bomb in MP, opponent was also playing "happy" voice over.


  • Throwables will break breakables when thrown at each other(e.g. stones vs crates)
  • When dying we are not only saving the loot, but also the throwables (like crates and vases)
  • Notifications at the bottom of the screen now animate and go away smoothly
  • Moved around a bit the controls description on keyboard/gamepad when paused (was colliding with the menu on some languages)

Make sure to join the community on Discord

Pyramid Plunge v0.7.0 - Level Selector/Backtracking

Pyramid Plunge v0.7.0 - Level Selector/Backtracking


This update changes a bit how you process your death :)

Pyramid Plunge v0.6.7 - Instant Replay, Edit Level Templates

Pyramid Plunge v0.6.7 - Instant Replay, Edit Level Templates


I'm super excited to release this build. Also as from this build onwards I will be adding some videos showing the major features in the release, as well...

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