The base engine is a custom engine developed by Damizean and the Blitzsonic Team. The original engine's title was "Blitz Sonic", and it was meant to be a 3D recreation of the classic Sonic the Hedgehog games. The Genesis Redux project is an adaptation of this project. Sonickidnextgen/Sonickidnextgenesis has been "casually" working on the Genesis Redux project since February of 2011. The Next Genesis Engine was another adaptation by Sonickidnextgenesis, but it was canceled in October of 2010. The Next Genesis Engine, and the Genesis Redux project are both non-profit projects. Sonic the Hedgehog is owned by SEGA, and Sonic Team. If you'd like to contact the creator(s) of the Next Genesis engine, or the Genesis Redux engine, please email: or Please note that this is currently a one man job, so if you'd like to help in any way possible, please contact the creator.

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Genesis Redux Project: Ambient Volume - Off
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Ambient volume lighting here:

So, a while ago I decided to search the Blitz Basic forums/code archives, and I ended up here:

So, what you're seeing in the screenshot is the project without this lighting system. And in case you didn't notice, yes those are real-time texture shadows(Thanks to Fast Extension).

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, this isn't dead. In fact, I'm near the point of releasing it, I just need to fix a few "small" things...

- Complete the menu(Yes, there is a menu)
- Animate the models a bit more
- Finish stage cycling with dedicated servers
- Optimize some files
- Possibly add a few more objects
- Port the engine to BitsBasic(When it's released)

And in case you're wondering if I'm going to release the source code, no, no I am not.

Anyway, since there's far too many changes to talk about, I'm not going to state anything until the initial release.

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