Remember those days you had in the arcade, where all you needed was a few quarters and a friend to have a great time? Remember Galaxian, the game you spent hours upon hours, quarter upon quarter trying to get to the leaderboards on? What about Space Invaders, the game that started it all, and the real origin to games like Galaxian, Solar Striker, Galaga, and more? Imagine if you could re-live all those days with a new game; This game is different though; with the power of 2 quarters, you can combine Space Invaders and Galaxian to create the one and only, Project GearSpace. Welcome to the futuristic past.

The game is currently in BETA, and will be released on Desura for $0.50 on Febuary 7 2014 at midnight.*** This is my first game as an indie developer that I am happy to release, and I have been working on it for close to 3 months. Project GearSpace's official website tettrox.somee.com.

**Gameplay picture in Debug Mode.

Project GearSpace is Copyrighted by Brian VanCraenenbroeck.

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Hello All,

I know I haven't posted here in a while, and many of you may have completely forgotten about the game. Please note that it is still in constant development, and that I am truly sorry for all the delays. The reason for these delays are mostly to things happening in my life right now. I have had a lot going on, and a lot that needed to be done; Most of which was unexpected. I hope to be able to be able to pump out more updates on how my games are going, now that I can get back to work. For all who are reading this, whether you are new here or remember this from the first post, I hope you enjoy my work and I truly apologize again for the few updates.

IndieDB/Desura, expect release soon

IndieDB/Desura, expect release soon


So just to update you all on what happened: The game was supposed to be released at midnight on January 31st. I planned to release it through Desura...

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We are finally confirmed to go on Desura! For those who just found this page, the game will cost $.50. I need to add a little bit more for the Desura release, as I feel you guys deserve something extra for waiting so long. What would you like to see in this pixel galaxy?

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