A Wizard Academy Simulation. You are the Headmaster of your own wizard academy. Research different spells, train your students to use them, and send them out on missions to gain more rewards, and graduate them to gain more prestige for your school. A Free-to-Play mobile game coming out on all mobile platforms. Beta-testing will be on the web.

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We're going to bring back interesting NPCs and character development to the mobile simulation genre. Here are the new Shopkeepers we just created and the little shop they own inside your wizard academy. The characters and the shop will change frequently, so it feels more alive than your usual in-game shop.

Shop & Shopkeepers

Scarfront - - 5 comments

If only I would have discovered this sooner, it would have probably saved me one little commotion I had a little earlier this morning, since a pretty similar yet not entirely same concept has already been in the working for some time here now.

Seeing as this has been announced almost an entire year ago on Facebook, maybe even earlier, it seems that despite all the research I've done in advance has been somewhat gone past this little jewel here. :)

In the long run though, I guess it's for the better so, makes one rethink some things here and there. Looking back from now I can imagine what has been the reason for that, something I'd rather blame myself for, but that has nothing to do with this game.

Speaking of the game, Prestige looks very promising so far, also the change from the older 3D looks(which can't be seen here) to the current PixelArt is an improvement in my eyes. Definetly shows that you are putting some effort into it.

That said, I signed up on the main page and am going to track this project from now on, perhaps spread the word here and there.

Best of Luck!

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david_loqheart Creator
david_loqheart - - 1 comments


Thanks for the follow! Since you were talking in mostly hidden code, I might be mistaking what you were saying. But from what I can gather, your studio was thinking of making a wizard academy simulation game too?

I'm not surprised. Ideas are rarely completely original and often many people come up with the same idea at the same time. I think from your research you probably know there are already 1 or 2 games similar in concept to this. But they weren't executed very well, and didn't really live up to the expectations players have when it comes to a Wizard Academy. When it comes down to it, it's all about game design and execution.

We have been spending a lot of time on this, and going through many iterations to make it perfect. And we're honestly just getting started. We are betting all of it on this game and trying to get users and excited supporters into the feedback loop as soon as possible. Please sign up for our beta-testing if you like: www.loqheart.com/prestige/signup/1

If you'd like to discuss stuff in more detail feel free to email me as well: david@loqheart.com

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