After prototyping a lot, we settled for a combination of puzzler, platformer, shoot-em-up and sci-fi adventure. Many games have been influential, most apparently classics like Laser Chess, Unblock Me, Sokoban, Space Invaders and Super Mario Bros.

As you move and jump around, you will encounter blocks that make up puzzles you have to solve. The most common type is the ordinary Movable block. Use your fingers to interact with them.

Pollo newly awakened
As you touch a movable block, markers will indicate where the block will go when you release your finger.
To ride a block, just jump on top and touch it.
Some blocks have to be “created” first, in order to be solid and movable.
Some blocks must be blown away with laser.
Some will explode and disappear as you tap them.

Save all children from squareness and send them back to Earth!

Pollo is about to rescue one of her chicken babies!
Pollo is about to rescue one of her chicken babies!

We hope you'll like it!

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Welcome young and old to the first Freedom Friday for Twenty-Freeteen (that's right Twenty-Freeteen you can use that one if you want). Freedomho!

First up we have Menagerie for Windows. Menagerie is a game that revolves around four odd people who are tasked with saving their planet from an incoming alien invasion. However the plot takes several unexpected turns and as you near the event horizon you begin to realize that the Armada is only one of the threats to existence. Gameplay: Menagerie's gameplay is comprised of both turn-by-turn battles typical to JRPG's, action battle scenes more similar to action games and hectic minigames or events which should keep you occupied, the game also boasts a deep alchemy system with an obsessive gathering system to supplement it. Up next is Ghoulish Hijinks for Windows. Take control of the witch Genevieve, in this arcade style platform game. Collect ingredients to make different potions to help you out and earn points. Unlock and play multiple different levels, each with unique settings, tricky level events, and ghoulish enemies! Try and earn a high score on each level!

Next is Pollo for Windows and Mac. The game is about an ordinary chicken family lost in space. After being abducted by aliens and turned into squares, they wake up high above the Earth. The chicken mother - Pollo - is rather unhappy as a square. Her biggest wish is to find her baby squares and return them to Earth as round chickens. Pollo’s second biggest wish is to regain roundness for herself, both in shape and state of mind. Finally we have Real Horror Stories for Windows. If you found a bridge to the other side, would you cross it? Would you enter the realm of the dead, where tormented souls live in eternal darkness? This last game should easily round up this fantastic Friday!

Come back next week for another episode of Freedom Friday!

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Hi frds,

Cam i get your official email address??

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