While filming her latest movie, famous starlet Grace Belly gets abducted by a sect of evil savages. You decide to go and rescue her down the 'Temple Death'- a place filled with evil traps where only the fools can survive. -- Warning: Fun platformer ahead! Contains lots of deadly traps, scoreboards, rewards, flopwards, 3 difficulty modes. Can you finish the Insane mode?!?!

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Awesome platformer! :)

If you are hardcore player with lots of patience, then this game is just for you! Even if it's just one map, changing the difficulty will add more traps so it's a whole new challange.

Good thing: At the end you'll be very happy that you've managed to complete this hell of a game.

Bad thing: Not much really...everything in the game is meant to be hardcore so if you're not hardcore player, game is bad for you ;)

Cuando lo juegues pensaras que estas jugando Super Meat Boy o I Wanna Be The Guy, lindas gráficas y buena jugabilidad, pero es demasiado corto.

When you play it you thought you're playing Super Meat Boy or I Wanna Be The Guy, nice graphics and good gameplay, but it's too short.


Excellent and brutal speed run platformer. If perfecting a run is your thing you'll find plenty to love here. The massive zoomable level is great to look at as well as play on, with plenty of checkpoints to break it up into fun bite sized challenges. The controls are well done and intuitive and three difficulty levels will keep you busy for a while.


dazun says

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Love this game. Very C64. Great music, frustrating gameplay. But unlike old school platform games, you don't have to go back to the beginning each time you die. Good old fashioned fun


Unlike everyone else the game ran just fine for me on win 7. The windowed mode didnt bother me since it matched the width of my screen perfectly while leaving a little at the top and bottom open, no big deal.
It was however not really my type of game. Very "I wanna be the guy" except no big surprise deaths that you can't see coming even if you're paying attention, so thats good. If that sounds like your thing, then go ahead.

I actually enjoyed this one more than Castle Pain just because of the length. It's fun to do once or twice but like I said with Castle Pain, I wish there were more levels to play.


Too short.


plysek says

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Fun game. Only 6 because it is very short (15 - 30 minutes) and has no fullscreen option (locked to 1280x720 window).


Death after death after death... This game isn't for those with a short attention span. But how rewarding it feels when you get to the next checkpoint you've been trying for who knows how long. If you liked Super Meat Boy, you might like this one, the common factors being a 2D game and often seen death animation. Just expect to get a few flopwards before any actual awards. Yeah, those are granted to you after failing miserably for several minutes. The level feels super long and the checkpoints seem to be so far, yet so close. The game supports (at least) the XBox 360 PC Controller and, just like in SMB, it just feels right to play with a controller.

This is a fun game to play, be it home when you're bored or on a long bus trip with your laptop. 3 difficulty levels will keep you busy for a while, unless you hate playing the same level over and over again. The story is, well, there, but it's nothing deeper than life.

This game is mostly for the challenge junkies. I bought it from the "Gone fishing" Indie Royale bundle and got two Platformance games for the price of... Two. And a few other games. The game has tons of potential and I expect this won't be the last one. Maybe one day the levels won't be sold as separate levels.

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