This time, its serious. The first version was just an appetizer. Signs of what was yet to come. The whole game is revamped. Its a totally different piece, with the same thread, but with phenomenal twists. Revolutionary leap in the horror game genre- THE INTERACTIVE FICTION -Where you literally act as the main character of a chilling horror fiction. NO PUZZLE SOLVING SKILLS REQUIRED NO COLLECTING OBJECTS NEEDED NO ANNOYING LONG NOTES OR MEMENTOS TO READ NO MAZES/OPEN SPACES TO GET LOST JUST PURE DARK ENTERTAINMENT Minimum 10 minutes of gameplay assured. (May increase in course of time before release.) DOWNLOAD FROM THE OFFICIAL SITE.

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this game sucks


This was really terrible.
I only played and beated the game 2 times without dying. But i feel like it was not really scary but instead very boring and not my cup of tea at most of the times.
The first version was a whole lot better than this version.

NO checkpoint type things if u die like when u are on your way to hide


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Great game, and a lot better than first one


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A good game to get scared from :)


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You literally made a game that wasn't really scary (the first version) into one of my worst experiences ever. I have over 80 videos of indie games, and this goes in my top 5 for sure. Sure, it was a little glitchy which is expected since it's absolutely new and fresh, but the atmosphere, maaaaan... It was an intense experience... I am wondering if I moved there would've I died? xD Never tried it but I though you are just bluffing it. Anywayz, the atmosphere went on a whole new level compared to the first version, the scares were sometimes predictable, others were not at all. Examples for predictable ones - the girl near the window / the end of the pizza trail. Unpredictable - the demon-like thing that spawns infront of the door / the ******* creeper that spawned randomly behind me. The design is much better as well, you made everything a little bit more 'open' and now the player can move more freely. What I didn't like was that the stairs were really thin, widen them up man ^-^ Also make the doll turn around when she is moving, she is like facing the same direction right now, looks absolutely unnatural xD


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