Pitiri is a platformer, which is paying tribute to its classic predecessors – not only by its gameplay, but also by its background story. A narrative, that is set in 1977 (the glorious year of Star Wars IV, the Voyager 1 spacecraft & Led Zeppelin's “Presence”), in an imposing world, created by using hand-painted graphics, interesting characters and solid physics. Your player character's name is Eli, whose brother has been kidnapped on his birthday. He wasn't taken by men, but by a strange being, a monster from unknown origin. The adventure starts as you pick up the scent and try to track down the monster and retrieve your little brother. To your advantage, Eli isn't a normal kid, but has several supernatural powers at his disposal. Abilities he will need, in order to survive the dangerous realms you will make him venture into – strange places, a twisted 70s science fiction world, that lies beyond the known …

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Reminds me of LIMBO but with Metroidvania style unlockable abilities.I really enjoyed it.


A outstanding platformer laced with healthy portions of charm and 70's feel. Story is intriguing and the powers system is cool!


Great atmosphare and very good art design!
Only thing missing, is the ability to play with a gamepad.
But for this you can use the utility JoyToKey.

I love 2d scrollers and this is a solid game. The upgrades keep changing the gameplay, and it has a interesting story. My only problem is that at times the graphics have a cheap flash game feel to them and it ruins the atmosphere a little. Other than that it is a very entertaining.

I haven't played all of the game yet, only a few chapters into it.

The atmosphere is fantastic, as is the ambient music. The art is painterly and really well designed.

The gameplay would have suited a gamepad, but there is no support offered, sadly (keyboard only). The controls are also a little awkward in their implementation alhough I'm sure it will help a lot once I've gotten more used to them.

The conversations need to have an option to "show all" or some mechanism to speed up the animation of the text. Hitting the talk button skips to the next piece of text without showing the current one in full (cutting out sentences).

The mechanics and powers are intersting, especially in that you have to guess what they do. They aren't overly complex to figure out, but at least it's a fun, explorative introduction to each.

Very nice atmosphere, plays a little clunky in parts but I love it. It's got a cool vibe to the whole thing. I just don't like puzzle platformers a whole lot as a genre....

ie.... Limbo. I like it better than Limbo.


Game is a tad short, and a little glitchy in a few spots. I know for a fact that it's possible to get to chapter 3 before finishing 2, problem is there's no way to finish chapter 3 without finishing 2.

A fun little platformer overall though, I enjoyed it.


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