Pineapple Smash Crew is a fast paced and tactical blast-em-up, featuring tight squad formation shooting, aliens, robots, zombies and lots of grenades! As your team level up you can choose from an assortment of devastating grenades, including (but not limited to): rockets, laser grenades, machinegun grenades, suction grenades, mines, teleporters, holo-bait and bullet shields! also including rare powerups such as speed boost, bullet time, armour and super-laser! Smash through derelict spaceships, grab the loot and kill anything that moves! PSC draws on many classics for inspiration: Alien Breed, Cannon Fodder, Chaos Engine, Gain Ground and even Worms, Toejam and Earl and Speedball 2 . Warhammer fans may detect a subtle Space Hulk vibe in the mix too!

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Very fun and addicting game, nice visuals and music to boot.

My only gripe is that switching between soldiers to use their grenades feels a bit clunky and constantly having to look down to see what grenade is in which slot slows the gameplay down quite a bit.

Other than than great game, recommended.


Inspiring Indie game! Played it in early beta at Euro Gamer, Richard Edwards is a gentleman and a scholar! BUY THIS GAME!

I have been keeping up with trailers and gameplay videos of this for awhile now, and was rather pumped to see it pop up when I booted up Desura today. My love of Alien Shooter and Cannon Fodder (My crew being named Jools, Jops, Stoo and last but not least R.J. for good 'luck'.) and just anything with an interesting Smash T.V.ish top down shooter gameplay colors this as a love letter to those classics. The random procedural content lends itself well to keeping this game fresh from station to station, and the controls are near pitch perfect. Something to note that is not mentioned on Steam (nor here that I can see) is that this -does- support gamepad control, which is what I prefer for top down shooters. It can feel just a bit weird with some of the 'grenades' like the rocket because to aim them you must tilt the thumbstick which fires your guns at the same time, putting you in a bit of a pickle at certain points. An option to bind controls of course would be most welcome, plus having an option to have an actual fire button for the gamepad instead of defaulting the thumbstick tilt to aim -and- fire would improve this very much. I can tell already this game is going to eat up many hours of my life in a very good way. Many thanks to Mr. Edwards for creating such a kick *** and addicting take on the top down shooter, and my thanks to Syphus for creating catchy tunes to tie it all up together. :D


Amazing game, reminds me of the SNES game "Smash TV"!

It's a real shame the game doesn't have multiplayer as it is PERFECTLY suited for it, but with one developer this is understandable. For what the game lacks in multiplayer goodness it certainly makes up for in fast paced, retro, shmup action.
The music to this game is amazing, I will never get bored of starting a new ship and listening to the masterpiece of a soundtrack.

The grenades are all very unique and have a nice feature allowing you to detonate/activate them whenever. It's very hard to choose between massive firepower from traditional grenade explosions or saving up a bunch of health grenades.

What I find great about PSC is how you can either quickly blast through a level quickly, picking up the mothership coords on the way or (For those perfectionists out there like me) you can clear each room one by one. The latter will quickly rank up your mercs, and obviously lengthen the amount of time you spend playing the game.

I was sad to see there wasn't end game modes like survival or and endless level mode. Hopefully this can be added in through an update or DLC (I know i'll be buying it)

PSC is definitely worth a purchase.


After playing through this game twice, I can honestly say that my only gripe is no scoreboard system to determine that one play through was better than the next. Besides this one negative, this game is fast, fun, addictive, and everything I wanted it to be when I purchased it. Money well spent indeed, and I highly recommend it.


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Game is good fun for awhile, however it get's really repetitive after a couple stages. Also,(spoiler?) every boss is pretty much the same. Like I said it's really great fun for awhile though, different enviroments / ship types, a couple different objectives, lots and lots of grenades. Lots of fun to play in short bursts.


Explody Fun!! :)

This is my favorite game currently, been playing it all week. Non-stop when I have time.

Think c64, smash tv, contra explosions, great music and sound. Cannon Fodder

Man this is sublime!


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