Paradox is an abstract minimalist puzzle platforming game where you can control the continuum of space. Manipulate the building blocks of the world and slide the sections into place so you can traverse each level.

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not original, same thing as a different FREE game called continuity

the game blatantly steals from the Flash games Loved and Continuity without giving them any credit.


An entire rip off of Continuity and Loved, with no credit to the original authors whatsoever. You should be ashamed.

This is a plagiarized game. It has stolen assets from other games with out credit. please remove this game.

Art assets and game mechanics are ripped from two flash games that are available for free. This user is charging for a product that does not acknowledge or credit the creators of the content he stole.

Content stolen from "Loved"

and "Continuity"


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Content stolen from "Continuity"...

To author: Only idiot could think, that no one would notice stolen content from the game, that was played over 20 million times!

This game has stolen from existing games. This should not be supported.


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