The fight for survival is on! OverDose is a class, team & objective based multiplayer game set on a post-apocalyptic Earth. With gameplay in the tradition of classic games such as Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Enemy Territory, melded with up to date gameplay mechanics and movement, OverDose is a unique blend of online action, team play and of course, lots of gore. Using id tech 2 as a base, OverDose features updated engine features like full real time lighting and shadow mapping, physically based rendering, particle and physics simulations and more. Plus, in classic id Software tradition, our engine and game are fully moddable and scriptable, meaning even amateur mod makers can bring their own creations to life with ease. This isn't war... It's an all out apocalypse!

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As many of you know, the IndieGoGo campaign has ended and we have failed to meet our goal by… Well, by quite a margin.

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IndieGoGo Campaign Has Ended

As many of you know, the IndieGoGo campaign has ended and we have failed to meet our goal by… Well, by quite a margin. A lot of folk have asked why we used IndieGoGo over something more widespread, such as Kickstarter; Well, this should be proof why! Kickstarter is a one time deal, our best shot at getting any sort of financial help to hire new people and get OverDose completed quicker. So, judging by the IndieGoGo campaign, obviously we are not quite ready for that yet, and will be looking into new options.

One things for sure though… We have a few “changes” coming up. Changes a lot of people may be interested in. Read on…

OverDose Is Now… Totally Open Source.

One of the main ideas behind OverDose was that we were to keep it “closed source”, this meant we would purchase a licence for OverDose, which would allow us to keep the source for ourselves and not make it public… A good plan for a multiplayer game you would think. But it might be all for nothing. See, we plan on releasing on Steam, and Steam has its own DRM that can protect against cheaters. As we all know, if a cheater wants to hack your game, they will HACK YOUR GAME, regardless if they have the source or not.

So, what advantage would it REALLY give us keeping it closed source?

This now means that OverDose is totally open, totally moddable, and totally complete with its own mod tools, which include level compilers, map editors, font tools, custom HD .RoQ video compilers, texture compression tools, model format tools… Lets just say, a decent package of tools with a fully written SDK and developer wiki. So you don’t just get the game source code, you get the full shebang, everything. Of course media still belongs to OverDose, but the above should be great news to any mod people or budding game makers.

Whats more, the code is available… Right now! Get in touch at for a link to the codebase which is constantly updated! Any budding coders out there who want to be part of the OverDose team bu sure to get in touch, we always, ALWAYS need more coders ;)

OverDose Announces… OverDose! Wut…?

ODCeption! We have been discussing OverDose development ideas for a long time internally, and one thing always made sense… OverDose was going to release as planned, the objective based multiplayer game, then later on we would begin working on the coop focussed, story driven game set in the same universe, much more like a traditional single player game. That plan my friends, still stands. However, today I’m announcing a new game mode called “OverDose Mode”. This aims to bridge the gap between the two games and ground players into the OverDose universe and story.

So what exactly is OverDose mode? Put simply, it’s a cooperative based game where a team of humans takes on computer controlled mutated enemies of various sizes and severity, while completing misc objectives in the map such as hacking terminals for intel, collecting data and securing locations. It’s a mode reminiscent of Gears Of War’s Horde and Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer, but it fits so perfectly into the OverDose universe we all believe it would be a massive shame to ignore it. Best of all, this allows the art team to REALLY push their wild, sick imaginations by making totally new creatures and enemies that don’t strictly have to apply to a humanoid scale.

Oh yes… There will be blood…

Donating To The OverDose Project

As always, OverDose is currently under heavy development from talented artists, coders and composers, all for the lowly, hourly wage of “peanuts”. i.e. bugger all. That means any funds we raise will go towards hiring out more talent and funding people for help, which we see as only fair. Its amazing we have gotten so far with so little funding at all, because pushing these visuals, creating this media with some really awesome people, all for free… Its fantastic. But I sure as hell wish we could repay these guys before the game ships, just to keep motivation up more than anything. Any donations, no matter how small, will go a long way. Thank you.


Whats New With OverDose?

In OverDose related news, we have some good news indeed for you. For one, OverDose development has kicked up several notches, with new modelers joing all the time. As you can see from our screenshots, we have some pretty kick arse weapon model guys joining that are making some really cool original looking designs, that hopefully capture some of that triple A work you really want to see.




What About That Level Editor…?

Good news, every one! The OverDose level editor is nearly ready for use :D And while it wont support real time lighting quite yet (something you can do in real time in the engine anyway), it will support making the games maps and media without messing around with external editors, something that will ease the pain a lot of us face with OverDose mapping. Think of it as another step towards an awesome SDK, something we really feel like we have to push and get out there. Far, far too many PC games these days launch with no Mod tools at all, and to be quite honest with you that’s just not on in this day and age.

So thats it! Thank you for your support! Hopefully, with your help, we can get OverDose to where it deserves to be, and then we can frag each other the old fashioned way!

Gavin Stevens
Lead Designer for Team Blur Games [TBG]

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Sad to hear that overdose didn't make the campaign. Personally, I think that most people didn't buy into it because there isn't really any demonstration of gameplay up to now (none the less, your videos are awesome). Happy to hear about open source though. Open source just plain rocks!

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like ShadowRage i too think that because there is no real gameplay footage to be seen yet people hesitate to buy in to this.
still, that is a shame ofcourse, but understandable.
so maybe you could release some gameplay movie footage in the near future. the decision to release mod tools is really great, because you are right, more and more games are these days released without any modding tools at all. i understand that this does save time and money for the company who does release the game, but it also can mean that people are not that interested in the game, at least not those who do like to map or mod with a game, like myself.

that you do add co op now is also great, for those who like that.
personaly i never play mp or co op, i am a real SP fan and i still hope you will start to work on that too, even when i know that this change is slim.

success with your game,

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Brilliant stuff guys! Good to hear you'll be making everything open and avaliable to your users so that they can contribute too :)

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