Ontauri World is the new comic game by Ontauri Softworks.The Team Leader Ragnark14, put as main character a Orange Nerd Cat, named Mr. Popso.Mr.Popso live in a little hut here at Ontauri World... But a day, a tofu-ball attack the World, and Mr.Popso must save the world!

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A new expansion pack for the OntauriSoftworks game, Ontauri World.
This Expansion Pack (or DLC) add a Skyrim theme styled of the game.
This Expansion Pack is almost completed.
We added a Mr. Propso Dovahkiin Skin and we changed the evil white-ball enemies in Skeever and TES Bandits.World is Changed, Aurora in the sky and the dirt have a new texture, mountains too.

Coming SOON!

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Ontauri World - Patch 2.0

Ontauri World - Patch 2.0


Warning, you must have the mother version before download this.

OntauriWorld - Full Version

OntauriWorld - Full Version

Full Version

Download now the full version of Ontauri World game. Made by Ontauri Softworks.

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