One Night 2: The Beyond is a freeware horror adventure/puzzle game created with the RPG Maker VX engine. Similar in style to the original Alone In The Dark and Fatal Frame, One Night 2 gives you the task of surviving a night in a mansion controlled by a hostile supernatural entity of unknown origin. The game features two playable characters, challenging puzzle based gameplay, and four different endings to achieve. One Night 2 is the second game in the One Night Trilogy, but serves as a prequel to the events of the other two games, so having played the other One Night entries is not necessary to enjoy The Beyond. Along with the other entries in the trilogy, One Night 2 was chosen as a "Freeware Game Pick" in October 2012 by and listed among the "Top 5 Indie Horror Games" by New Gamer Nation.

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As a horror themed puzzle based rpg, this game is decent I suppose. The thing that bothers me is the fact that it really isn't that scary, due to the biggest, most obnoxious flaw in the game: you can fight the enemies. Not only that, but the fights are painstakingly easy. I didn't die once after putting a solid hour in. In fact, I didn't even have to use a health kit. Compared to Ao Oni (which doesn't have a health system, one hit and you're dead) and The Witch's House (which is quite similar to Ao Oni, but with more environment hazards), I simply wasn't scared. Even Ib, where you did have a health system, was also quite scary in addition to having a fantastic story comparatively. The bread and butter of those games was the jumpscares and chase sequences, the latter of which I haven't seen so far in this game. I do like it over Ao Oni in the sense that the puzzles are solveable, but that's all it's really got going for it. Give this game a try (it is free after all), but don't miss out on other titles that deliver a bigger punch such as Ao Oni, The Witch's House and Ib.


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A very well done and entertaining game. You will enjoy this if you like puzzles and are a fan of Lovecraftian cosmic horror (this applies also to other One Night games).


Survival horror... puzzles... RPG... extensive storyline... all of my favorite things!

Usually I wait to complete a game before I leave a review, but I am just having too much fun with this. Like Aooni meets Hidden in the Shadows.

I just love a good jumpscare. :)

well idea of dark and scary enviroment
funnuy at seconds

A great game so far!....and great design too! Got me scared a couple of times,... Also, it's a good thing you included 2 characters for 2 seperate stories. Not a solid 10, but I still believe this a great game to play.

Far too much fun. Love it! Jumpscare simulator 2012. Makes for some fun let's plays too XD


i actually really enjoyed this game... please recommend this game to Pewdiepie (if it hasnt been recommended yet), id love to see him make videos of this game, and see his reactions.


This is an excellent game. I got startled quite a few times and really enjoyed the whole of it. I still have three more endings to discover, so I'll be replaying it, and I'll be gladly playing the other two games of the trilogy. Great job!


Look sick bro.

Excelent game!

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