OCTOPTICOM is an open-ended puzzle programming game about designing and optimizing optical computing devices. Use lasers, mirrors, filters and other components to read, transform and write sequences of colored squares. Solve a variety of light puzzles and find clever ways to make your solutions elegant and compact.


  • Lasers
  • 8 colors
  • A lot of squares
  • More than 40 levels of light programming
  • Not a single line of assembly code required

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OCTOPTICOM is out on Steam


OCTOPTICOM is finally out on Steam. If you like Zachtronics games like Opus Magnum and SpaceChem(with a pinch of Shenzhen I/O too) or just want to solve some challenging puzzles check it out.

In case for some reason you don't like Steam, the game is also available on Itch.io.

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