Nine deities. Nine heroes. And only one champion. Mythical Greece. The land of gods, poets, heroes, but also of terrible monsters and creatures. Numen is an action RPG set in mythical Greece. The player controls one of nine heroes, who in the name of the gods they follow compete in a grand test of their capabilities. Heroes who undertake a pilgrimage over the highest mountains, through valleys and deep forests, underground vaults and the scorched sand of deserts. Numen however is no mere hack-and-slash game. It offers the player the possibility of tactical decision making, searching for enemies’ weak spots, selection of adequate weapons. It rewards those who are able to adapt to the changing situation on the battlefield. In this the player is helped by the unique powers and abilities invested in him or her by the god he or she follows, provided that the god is happy with him or her. The Olympian gods, after all, are renowned for their wanton and unpredictable nature…

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This is hands down the BEST rpg here on Desura. I got it on Steam and I loved it. We had the chance to talk first hand with the developers on the steam forums and they're cool dudes that really put love in their games.
They even fixed some bugs we've found a year after the release of the game.
If you like hack'n'slash games, and you're in search for a light RPG with a nice plot and even some clever puzzles, this one is for you. Just keep in mind that's not an AAA title, so can be a little rough around some edge. Totally worth that price but if you're on the fence grab it when it's on sale here or on steam


Good concept with a few original ideas backed up by solid game play. Just a shame that its so buggy i cant play past a certain point. Worth the $2 i spent on it on a steam sale thou...

very, very nice game topic, and masterfoul gameplay decored with beautifoul graphics make this game a must-have :)


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