Nuclear Dawn is a game that combines intense visceral and violent First Person Shooter action with fast-paced Real Time Strategy in the aftermath of a devastating apocalyptic world war. Storm a building as an assault trooper, cling to the shadows with active stealth, or unleash incredible firepower from a high-tech suit of exo-armour, or lead as a commander, marshalling resources and deploying weapons and equipment for your troops You, the player, have the responsibility and the power to decide the outcome of every engagement. If your opponents are lucky there will be enough of them left to bury.

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This game is really good if your commander knows what s/he's doing, if not it's really frustrating


I got to say, just played a few 1 hour + games on my freinds LAN station, and it's awsome! I was always a fan on gloom, tremulous, and Natural Selection, (with NS being my favorite ^^). My comp cant quite handle Natural Selection 2 yet, and even when it can, ill still be playing this, cause it scratches that itch that only good FPS/RTS hybrids can, where you feel like your actually in a war, AND you see the game world from the perspective of a soldier in any RTS game,...especially when the commander doesnt seem to give a damn about your lives >_<'. Anyone whos likes RTS, Tactical FPS, or even the hybrids, should give this game a chance when it goes on sale, sad there is no demo.


Aewsome game! Needs a lot of team work to win but a very fun game style that I have not seen before. Great for quick 15-30 minute shoot up or a 2 hour strategy sit in. Definitely even better when you use tactics with friends, but very cool when people online come and work together.

I find lots of new games on indiedb but just had to sign up because I really recommend this one!

I have to say, Nuclear Dawn is an incredibly fun game. As only having played as a foot soldier, working as a team with people in your squad, following orders, and watching the entire thing come to fruition makes this game a pleasure to play. The game does unfortunately suffer occasionally from a huge gaps in player levels (though that's not the fault of the game), a rather small list of constantly populated servers, and some balance issues up for debate, but I believe that all of these will be fixed over time, and I'm hopeful that the Nuclear Dawn community will expand in the future.

Nuclear Dawn is an awesome game for both two totally different groups of gamers to come together and enjoy. The FPS is a fast paced class combat game that pays homage to the likes of Team Fortress and Battlefield. The RTS is unforgiving, forcing a balance between your own tactics with the strengths of your human units on the ground. Loads of different tactics and styles to play to choose from which makes ND a great game to pick up with your gaming buddies. Support is already excellent, the developers promise a ton of updates and that they will always be free. In short, the €20 price tag gets you a lot of game. My biggest criticism is that I want more levels now!


The best game ever! another nice fps, this is my 2 favorite game

Highly addictive! Even if I'm not the best FPS player, I really enjoy this game, because there's a dozens of ways how be worth part of your team. All units are perfectly balanced as well as the whole game mechanic and its mixing of RTS/FPS.


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The game is really fun, but the balance often seems broken. None of the classes really seem to have something against enemy buildings. Thus the games are often decided by a 50/50 chance of win. Ether you spam turrets to rush the enemy base, making the game a whole spawnkill game (that sucks) or the enemy com does (that sucks too). It leaves player to spawn and die, all over and repeating, until the bunker is destroyed.


Briljant game!

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This game is really good if your commander knows what s/he's doing, if not it's really frustrating

Dec 19 2011 by Smiley_Riley