The n`Jutsu design-goal:
* make a funny martial arts fighting game
* add impressive jutsus (==energy/ki/chakra/whatever attacks)
* try to combine the mentality of Kakashi (The man who copied over 1000 Jutsus) and Orochimaru (I want to learn all jutsus) in one game
= Supreme action with unlimited variety

What people can expect:

* easy three key melee (punch, kick, block) with loads of combos
* an easy system to perform handsigns and cast jutsus out of a huge catalogue of jutsus
* Ninja tools like shuriken, kunai or paperbombs
* Genjutsus to trap the opponent
* the major chars as mime-skinned models (to keep a healthy distance to other games and the manga)
*** Find an own, individual and unique style of fighting

The gameengine is CellBlock9, which started as engine for LemmingballZ and gets separated to be able to make standalone games. This separation is not complete yet and there are several Lemmingball features still coded into the engines core, but that will cease in future - we do have contact to the engines developer.

The Alpha is ready to run, the autoupdater works fine, only the chatroom does trouble... only hotseat and Lan/IP connect will work

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Shadows & Sounds


Change of plans...
I got dizzy coz of too many moves at first release, so I decided to cut down on the mass and focus for now on the quality of the jutsus.
This means that the original plan to add 5(+2.5) jutsus per element is for now aborted, instead it will be a base of 3 jutsus per element until all 12 of them are added and tested properly - this makes it easier for the alphatesters to get along with it and for me to work on the balance - don´t be upset, the plan to make more is just postponed, but not abandoned, and they do already exist, waiting to be polished up for release.

Fire Style (reduced by 2 moves)
DRAGONBREATH: tiger, ox, tiger
- a blast of fire in front of the char
FIREBALL: tiger, ox, rat, tiger
- a ball of fire
FIREBLAST: tiger, ox, dog, tiger
- beam of fire
ICE STYLE (reduced by 2 moves)
ICE MIRROR: ox, tiger, ox
- Barrier that can reflect incoming attacks
ICE-CANNON: ox, tiger, rat, ox
- shoot a series of ice spikes to pin the opponent at his position
ICEDISC: ox, tiger, dog, ox
- fast & highly damaging disc of ice
SHADOWPARALYSIS: rat, dog, rat
- expand a sphere of stunning shadows around you
SHADOWCLONE: rat, dog, tiger, rat
- summon a shadowclone to attack the opponent
NIGHTFALL: rat, dog, ox, rat
- a shadow dropping from the sky to trap the opponent
SONIC BARRIER: dog, rat, dog
- a protective barrier in front of the player
SONIC BOOM: dog,rat,ox,dog
- a strong wave of sound
BANSHEEBEAM: dog,rat,tiger,dog
- a series of knocking out soundwaves. if the opponent gets hit, he will be sucked towards the caster

We still need modelers and people with a little knowledge about coding for the graphicscripts

Ninjas! Assemble! The first playable demo

Ninjas! Assemble! The first playable demo


Banzai! Finally a download on moddb! ...And it is autoupdating, you wont need any more downloads for a while :D

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First playable version

First playable version

Demo 4 comments

First showoff of n´Jutsu Testable are the melee and fire/ice jutsus. The chatroom is disabled, only the hotseat and direct-IP-connect options will work...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 34)
coreyalston5205 - - 4 comments

the characters do not appear this is so messed up man

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
loozzer Creator
loozzer - - 124 comments

usualy this happens when gfx drivers arent installed properly and openGL is set to windows openGL1.0

Reply Good karma+1 vote
WarHedd - - 227 comments

is this dead? or finished/downloadable?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
loozzer Creator
loozzer - - 124 comments

did you just go through the games and post this at every game you found?

but no, its not dead, its just on ice for now :D

Reply Good karma+1 vote
performance - - 5 comments

Hi i have new jutsu on n'jutsu
from shadow style
EXPLOSIVE SHADOW rat,dog,dog,rat
-make the wall are crashed

from ice style
DEPLOYMENT ICE MIRROR ox,tiger,tiger,ox
-same with ice mirror but this is deployment
DEPLOYMENT ICE CANNON ox,tiger,tiger,rat,ox
-make deployment missile of ice if thr cannon are explode
TACITURN ICEDISC ox,tiger,tiger,dog,ox
-make target can't fall if has shot 3 ammo from TACITURN ICEDISC
DEPLOYMENT MINI ICE CANNON ox,tiger,dog,rat,ox
-make mini ice cannon can follow you but so much
LASER ICE EXPLOSIVE ox,tiger,rat,dog,ox
-make laser from ice if the laser has touch the target you can wait 1-2 sec and target explode


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loozzer Creator
loozzer - - 124 comments

oh, its not like i need new jutsus at the moment, a heckload is currently done, but disabled... I´m afraid i was a bit too hasty with releasing nJ and shot way ahead of the engines possibilities... now it is sit&wait till further development can go on

Reply Good karma+1 vote
loozzer Creator
loozzer - - 124 comments

ping - im not dead... just very stuck in real life

Reply Good karma+1 vote
pikachu10 - - 1,184 comments

plz continue this! it is looking awesome

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
loozzer Creator
loozzer - - 124 comments

will do asap - unfortunately, my job got a bit stressy il last time - 10-12 hours a day :S I am already happy when i have time for LBZ :P

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Wolf0x - - 437 comments

Tracking, looks interesting

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