NeoDodgeball is a twin-stick, top down, multiplayer dodgeball game with a neon aesthetic. You can play with two or four players in a variety of game modes and 5 unique characters with their own special abilities and stats. #multiplayer #sports #arcade #localmultiplayer #twinstick #topdown #action #retro -Controller support only (Xinput) -Minimal Sound effects -No AI/Computer player -2-4 Players only CONTROLS: Left Stick = Move Right Stick = Aim A = Ability LT = Grab LT (With Ball) = Parry RT(Press) = Charge Throw RT(Release) = Release Throw DPad = Menu Navigation Start = Pause

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After a couple months of work in my spare time I think it's time to release my first project, NeoDodgeball. It's a local multiplayer, top-down dodgeball game with 5 unique characters with their own special abilities and stats.


This is my first project so I wanted to start small, that's why the visuals are simple as of right now. I really put an emphasis on game feel and the combat felt fast and visceral in my testing with friends. I hope to update the game with a new character or mode and further polish the visuals in the future.

Made in GameMaker Studio 2 12 5Made in GameMaker Studio 2 12 4

The 1v1s are tense and technical while the 4 player modes are more chaotic. Characters have abilities ranging from making walls to teleportation. The matches can be over quickly if the the player can master grabbing oncoming balls and parrying them at the right moment.

Made in GameMaker Studio 2 12 5 1ezgif com video to gif 1

I built this game to practice and will move on to other small projects soon, so keep up with me on Twitter @gamesbygregdev, but I do plan on updating it so feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

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Full Version

First Fullish realease. It's my first game so feedback is appreciated!

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Just put out my first game! Neododgball is a local multiplayer, top down dodgeball game with a neon aesthetic. Hopeā€¦

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