In Distant Space, An alien species, the Tono Gian, have been fighting their own A.I. creations to find resourceful planets. The A.I. project, Nightsithe, was originally designed to harvest other planets for their people but now have revolted against their masters. A Tono Gian ship crashed on the planet, Plemniba, a planet that once had a civilization, but has already taken by the Nightsithe. The only survivor of the ship goes by the name, Nelo. Nelo Hybrids Elements of retro arcade twin-stick shooters with elements of modern games. Nelo Main Weapon are four telekinetic controlled, mechanical Hand that allow Him to wield four conventional weapons at once and gives him the flexibility to fire in all direction. Nelo's alien suit gives him super speed and agility to combat the overwhelming swarms of the Nightsithe.

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It's been a while since I've posted a news article on our game. Here's what's going on.

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Hello ModDB/IndieDB It's been a while since I've posted a news article here. I would like to give an update on the progress we've been making. Our main character is now wearing a helmet, and we have plans for armor customization in the future. We have a handful of new enemies to show off. And finally, we've got some new gameplay footage of two gamemodes we are working on.

In-Engine Render

We've been collecting comments about the head design of the main character. and about a month ago, we came to the conclusion to give the main character a helmet as an option to wear into battle. We want your Tono Gian Soldier to be yours, so we plan to have armor customization in the future. It's not a big focus right now because we are putting more work on the gameplay.

We got some new enemies to show off

Riot Guard

Render Test

The Riot guard projects a shield from its tail and can't be harmed from the front. the most effective way to combat a riot guard is to hit them from the side using a ranged melee attack.

Hyper Gunner

Render Test

The Hyper Gunner is a faster, more aggressive iteration of the gunner class. not only do they move faster, but they also fire a more damaging projectile. Don't stand still around these enemies.

Hyper Warrior

Render Test

The Hyper Warrior is an upgrade from the default warrior class. they are some of the fastest moving enemies the nightsithe has. Their small bodies and fast moving, long legs make them difficult targets.

Elite Flyer

In-Engine Render

All Nightsite of the Elite series behave like minibosses, armed with special moves and increasingly aggressive attack patterns. The flyer Elite uses Special bombs and missiles for combat.


In-Engine Render

The Invader is a special enemy that appear in the tower defense half of the guardian mode. They have very good close range defense, so fighting them from a distance is the only way to combat them. Turrets and land-mines are very helpful utilities against these ones.


In-Engine Render

The Charger is a very straight forward enemy, they just run right at you in a group. They don't use evasive manuvers what so ever.

And finally Here's some gameplay footage.

This is footage of Guardian. Guardian is a mode that alternates between King of the Hill, and Tower Defense. You must defend a beacon from invader class nightsite using item that you can purchase with credits earned from holding down and defending hills. Most of the footage is of the Hill Holding gameplay, because the tower defence part still needs work.

And this is just a normal Endurance mode. you just need to survive waves of increasingly difficult enemies. I set the lives to unlimited for this video just to show the wave ramp from five minutes of gameplay.

Screenshot Screenshot

Well I hope you enjoy what you see. Thank you for your time looking at this and please stay tuned for more Progress.

P.S. The Official webiste for the game is almost complete. We'll let you know when it's up.

-Kevin Bryant


Wow, this looks very promising.

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