NaissanceE is an adventure taking place in a primitive mysterious structure. The game mainly consists to explore and feel the deep and strong ambiance of this atemporal world but platforming and puzzles areas will also enrich the experience.

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scooperly says

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What a breath of fresh air! This game absolutely floored me. It was a beautifully crafted, perfectly executed step into a strange surreal world that I immediately wanted to experience all over again.The atmosphere was unsurpassed and reminded me of a weird hybrid between Blade Runner/Alien/THX 1138. The sound design was superb and a breath of fresh air in interactive compositions. This was clearly a passion project, and I will undoubtedly be following the future work of all involved. Congratulations!


tron_lives says

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Superior game! very atmospheric, enjoyable gameplay.
But...horrible gameplay at last part (Meet the host), awful ending and no story explanation.
Very exciting start and so much frustrating disappointment end :(


fandegw says

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To keep you the whole experience, I will say nothing about it, the screenshots are enough to make you an idea of the artistic touch.

But I have to add, that it's a must play for someone who want to discover artistic games that are not just exploring and watching (It have some of this but it's you that will stop to take the time to watch the whole decorum). It's a real new experience that I have enjoyed a lot. And it marked me by the fact that I will not encounter another game like this.


medve says

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minimalistic and nice


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