And so it was written, that the only child of King Bartoloma Jamir, Cynthia, has gone missing one late night alongside Her personal bodyguard Kenseth Jacob. Treason thought the good King; Kenseth stealing the Princess away for some foul deed. And so he put forth a call of adventurers to find the good Princess. Many answered the call, spreading far across the land of Jsuth and beyond. Some for fame, some for fortune, and some even for the thrill of adventure. Our story focuses on a Sailor named Kan Hassen. While at sea a storm hits his ship. He tries his best to keep it afloat, but a storm wrecks his ship, knocking him unconscious in the process. He awakens inside a large house surrounded by two people, an old man with an axe and a beautiful young woman…the Princess herself! He had found her! Now he needs to get off the island, mind you it’s tricky to leave an island that floats high above the clouds. Now how it floats, that is the mystery of Tushka Island.

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Hi everyone! I am MSVHazard, and I am the sole designer of the game. In this, my first news post, I will describe the game in more detail. Let's split it into sections, shall we?

You already know what the story is, so let me explain how I came up with it. It was around the time that RPGVX came out. I was fiddling with stuff, and I came to the conclusion that I suck at stats. By that I mean I can't make properly balanced stats for characters, weapons, armor, enemies, etc. I'm just all around horrible at it. So I came up with an idea; make a game using the powerful RPGVX program but instead of an RPG, it'd be an adventure game. Now I enjoy some point and click games, but not all mostly because of the controls and the UI, so this sounded perfect to me. It went under a different name, using the Daargard title. Now I wasn't aware of the Dragonlance novels, but I LOVED the band Dargaard, and I found their music to be absolutely perfect for an adventure game. I did a little research and incorporated some of the Dragonlance plot details, albeit loosely. It was, in a word, bad. It didn't make much sense, and frankly I was probably likely to piss off Dragonlance fans. I completed 2/4 episodes before my laptop crashed.This story is 100% original, but is inspired by different stories.

The only custom graphics used is the title screen. Everything else is what is included within the program. I'm doing this as to be able to get more work done faster without having to scour the internet for custom graphics. Also I've no need for custom graphics for what I want to do, so it all works out. Not too much to talk about at the moment. I'll release some other screens in the future.


The music is 100% custom, with it being from the Neverwinter Nights series. I lost all of my Dargaard songs, so I looked to the next best thing. I chose NWN since between all of them, including expansions, I have a wide variety of songs to use which makes me happy. I do own all of the games, and I will compress the data so you won't be able to leach them from the folders. Sorry guys, but I'm going to avoid a potentially legal issue. :)


Gameplay won't differ much from other RPGVX games; you'll use the arrow keys to move, space to confirm and ESC to deny/bring up the menu, everything. I'm not going to use any custom scripts though, so I'm gonna try to be creative with the stats and level and such. Might include them into some puzzles late into the game, but for now nothing comes to mind. This is heavily inspired by adventure games like Myst, Monkey Island, Samorost, and even Machinarium, but mostly the former two.

Myst inspires it with the exploration idea; exploring an island you've never visited, but the puzzles will try to make as much sense as possible. IE; no trying to decode a fictional language or anything. Haha!

Monkey Island inspires it with humor. Now, it's not loaded with humor, but it does have some here and there. For example; if you were to inspect the shelf of plates in the kitchen, Kan would say "Why am I admiring the plates? They're plates. What more do you expect?" So there is some parodying done here and there, but not to an extent where it's purely comedy. There is a serious story going on in the background, but sometimes humor is necessary.

Now I will say there is a little bit of a Silent Hill inspiration in there somewhere as well. The island has an "alternate" version that you will visit many times. Don't worry, it's not scary, but it is meant to add a little more variety and bring some weird and strange to the game. It's part of the serious story bit, and there is a purpose behind it.

Above all, let me say this is a solo project. I am creating this all on my own. That means the game might not come out incredibly soon, but I will try my best to get it done ASAP, and keep you all informed of the progress. The plan is to give you all monthly updates at the end of the month, and I will be as active as I can to answer anything in the comments. So if you end up following me, thank you so much. There is a planned demo when enough content has been made, and both the demo and the full game will come in both RTP and non-RTP versions, so if you have RPG Maker VX you won't need to download a 50+MB file. :) Thank you for reading, and let's get it done!

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