Thrust into a heroic quest by a vague prophecy and a probably-senile town elder, you must become a MurderHobo - an amoral psychopath roaming the earth in search of bigger numbers. Actually you're not sure what any of the numbers mean. The Guild of Murderous Hobos was supposed to explain it, but they're all obsessive neckbeards and you weren't really paying attention. Oh, and all this has to happen in a haunted crypt that some genius decided to use as an illegal toxic waste dump, so there's no shortage of things that want to kill you for no good reason. Explore, murder townspeople, and circumvent nonsensical tutorials in this metroidvania-inspired action platformer!

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GeorgiBG says

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I just finished the game and I may say it is a good game although it is a little bit short. It is not a big problem as at the end I was informed that there will be episode 2 and that I should keep my saves. Not sure though if the next episode will be free for those who bought this game or we should pay again.

Back to the game - at first it seemed a little bit confusing (mostly save points and respawning monsters) and a little bit too simple but it didn't take me long to realise how good the game is and not simple at all. The save system and respawning monsters are not only a game feature but an essential part of the story. I will give an example but you should be warned that this is a spoiler.

I fought the big boss and he killed me. Then I was resurrected at the last save point and when I met the big boss again he said something like that:

"What!? I already killed you! I will kill you again but I have no time - I must oversee a galactic invasion".

Then he flew away and I fought the second in command boss - a robot throwing laser beams who was operated by a vampire! That was pure gold and by the way the game is full of humour and references to the contemporary internet culture.

Puzzle element is quite strong at some sections. Puzzles sometimes look difficult but actually they are very easy if you think "outside of the box". Also the game have some hidden gems like (SPOILER ALERT) a classical RPG battle! Can you imagine that! 2D real-time platformer suddenly goes to an isometric 2.5D view and you play a turn-based battle where you choose options like "attack", "flee" and so on...

So I am very satisfied with this game and I give it 8 ot 10.


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