A Windows version (typically called WinMugen)can be downloaded at unofficial-winmugen.jpn


An assorted collection of personal character patches as originally released on MFG forums. Includes patches for: Beast by GladiaCloud, MotorRoach, and Kenshiro99 Dormammu by GladiaCloud, AI patch by Vorse_Raidier (you need both) Hal Jordan by Enzo, Buyog2099, Arque, and McCready Jedah by VS Debuts Jubilee by Gladiacloud, ShinZankura & Kenshiro99 Karin by Beximus Lei-Lei by VS Debuts MechGouki by MystikBlaze Megaman by DG Morrigan by JJkoolaid Psylocke by WhiteMagic2002 Rose by Beximus Sagat by VS Debuts Sasquatch by VS Debuts Strong Guy by McCready, GokuSSJ4, Buyog2099 & DG (1.0 release)

Swanky's assorted MvC-ish MUGEN patches (Mugen 1.0)
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