What is MMO Legends?

MMO Legends is an upcoming MMORPG game, powered by the Intersect engine.

Currently, nothing is planned about this game, other than it exists here. The game’s development will officially begin very soon, and a playable build will be released around 2018, as a Early Access game, exclusively to IndieDB.

Who will make it?

The game will be published by the team, and also developed. Nobody else but the team will have access to making the game, or publishing it.

When will it release?

The game will first get developed in Early Access, with new items being added every update. Once the game is out of Early Access, the full game will be available ENTIRELY FREE. New items will be added sometimes when it releases as a full game.

How can I help?

You can give us a coffee. All proceeds will be donated to the game, and you will get a shoutout on our Twitter! Any proceeds will help keeping up servers, and push development further, and make sure that you will enjoy this game. Click this link to donate! Buy Me a Coffee

DISCLAIMER: No exact release date yet, but we’re trying to release a Early Access build whenever we feel like the build is good enough, early down in development.

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Announcement of MMO Legends


MMO Legends is confirmed and is starting development very soon. We are happy to create this game, and hope you will like this project. More info will be announced about the storyline, gameplay, and much more as development goes on. New items will be added, until a full release has been developed well in the future. A official beta build will be released around 2018, so look for that! Thanks for supporting the (fairly new) development of MMO Legends.
~MMO Legends Team.

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Or at least until I get actual screenshots and videos.

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It failed, doing it by myself now.

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This is the first post for the MMO Legends Team’s Twitter. Development related things will be posted here.

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