/!\ Feedback needed! First level available, and it would be great if you can give some feedback about bugs or new features you want or what must be improved. Thanks a lot! /!\

MinimalShmup Demo

Or you can test the Linux Version ( still in alpha, last update the 18th july )
MinimalShmup Linux Alpha Build

You like bullets ? Here, take some!

Take your ship, shoot, don't die and maximize your score!
MinimalShmup is a vertical shooter in which you will see a ton of enemies shooting at you.
But, what a chance, you're equiped with a high-level of technology in that ship.

Select which power you'll use:
The bomb, to suppress all the bullets ? But: No risk, no score..
The shield, protecting you for a short amount of time ?
The special: Wanna see all of your enemies dying, fired by loads of big gauge bullets? Try the special fire!
The discover scan: because you're greedy, and you know there are some things to find in the levels... Points guaranteed!

Final HUD and pop-corn ennemies new boss 1


- Power Switch System, to maximize your score as you want
- Xbox 360 Pad support
- Highscores
- Challenge ( 'cause you will not one credit that at the first try! )

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MinimalShmup news #2


So, a small post about what's going on for MinimalShmup.

Because of the courses, I can't work as much as I want, but the game is still being improved.

Now, the game is completely working with a gamepad, I added the structure of the HUD, and I'm implementing the scoring system.

The scoring system should be like this:
- You have one normal shot that power up when you take a powerup bonus, and a special attack that you can use with you gauge counter.
- The gauge is filled by shooting on enemies and you can "stock" them. ( You can have, for example, 3 full gauges and 1 half empty ). The gauges are in fact the amount of Bomb/Special attack/Analyse you have, but you can switch between them. Imagine you have 10 gauges, you can choose to use one for a bomb or switch to you special attack and use one for it, you'll have 9 gauges after that.
- The gauges count in the scoring system, after each level, a multiplier is applied on you gauge counter and also on your lives and on the rank.

I'm also trying to optimise everything, and I'll work on the first level, so I'll be able to put a beta version here.

Stay tuned for more infos soon!

MinimalShmup news #1

MinimalShmup news #1


Hey hey, So, I'm still working on this. I added some gamepad support ( it's OK for an arcade stick, and pretty much working with regular xbox controller...

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MinimalShmup Linux Alpha Build

MinimalShmup Linux Alpha Build


Feedback needed!! Feel free to report me bugs, crashes or other weird stuff happening. ( The second stage is just crap for testing the boss pattern it's...

MinimalShmup Demo

MinimalShmup Demo


The first level of MinimalShmup, the vertical shooter, is playable in the demo.

MinimalShmup 0.1 Alpha version

MinimalShmup 0.1 Alpha version


MinimalShmup is a vertical shoot'em up in development, for windows and linux. This is the first alpha version available to try and help improving it!

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