Miniconomy is a complete Geo-political-economic-societal simulation game. Focusing on trade and politics, the players themselves create the laws for society, through player-created Governments, different nations, complete with different types of products to mine/dig/build and trade with one another, Courts, Schools, political treaties, and a gameplay schedule that allows for a trading winner (highest networth) in a 3-week period. Although the trading side of the game resets every 3 weeks, the political side of the game continues from round to round without end. The game is constantly evolving through its core of dedicated players and moderators. There is much to do and much to learn while playing Miniconomy - some players have stuck around for years and years. This is truly not only a trading "game", but a complete, self-sustaining society. The game is completely browser-based, and is free to play. Premium Membership is inexpensive and allows a handful of advanced features.

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rokta says

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Very realistic game. It primarily focus on trading, but politics also play great role. As game consist of rounds you will never feel bored if you like to build thing out of ground.


(Brendan) says

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Excellent game.

This realistic simulation game offers a chance to trade, partake in politics and work in many different realistic positions - all accompanied with a warm, welcoming community.

There is always a chance to try something new and it's quite difficult to get bored due to the constantly changing game-play that is built by a great bunch of diverse, international players.


Switzisch says

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I really like this game. I've been playing it for about five years now and it never gets boring. I really recommend this game to anyone who is looking for an entertaining and profound gaming experience!

The community is always prepared to help new players out. Make sure to check it out!


AnotherAnonymousOne says

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Great game, cool community and an amazing artificial society. I'd like to recommend this game to everyone.


MasterBlue1 says

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Its far from perfect.
Its built around being social and it seems that Miniconomy holds a core group of people that are not so friendly to new players


bell1996 says

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the game is awesome


syco98 says

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