Minecraft is a first-person fighter/sandbox construction game created by Mojang AB.

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May 18 2011 Anchor

I dont really get what the big fuss is =/ not that I am condemning Minecraft, but Ive played it abit, and it just seems sooo bland... I enjoyed it for a little while having that freedom to explore a map, build a fort and then... bleh, thats about it? So I can build a nice pointless big fort, damn monsters spawn on my fort and get in anyway.

So well theres quite alot of potential here for the game, that I can say, but how far will this go? I can not seem to find any goals that the creator is attempting to achieve with the final release? I wouldn't mind pre-ordering if I know where this is going, and if the team can hire more people to help with the progress of the game.

May 26 2011 Anchor

at the moment the big attraction is in PvP/PvE online, teaming up with others or basically being dumped in a world an forced to survive against the elements and other player.
On some servers there are MMORPG elements, these could be expanded by notch but who knows, the online community for minecraft is literally massive, with thousands of servers. if your bored with single player try Survival Multiplayer.

There is something for anyone

Servers I frequent are all found at Forums.blocktopia.net
you need to register but they are a solid group with great servers for both Classic and Beta versions of Minecraft

May 26 2011 Anchor

Oh all right... Well i cant see it being any better than the single player, although the MMORPG elements could make a difference... Would have been better if there was much more to minecraft than just what it is at the moment yeah? Coz honestly from a player perspective, its simply quite pointless for the most part... And I am mostly a solo player, not much for online.

May 26 2011 Anchor

Thats fair i suppose, least you gave it a go instead of rubbishing it out of hand, besides who know what the future has in store

May 27 2011 Anchor

Yeah true... No I dont just dish out opinion without first hand play time... I find that most games that arent focused on fancy graphics tend to be more fun, and quite honestly fun should be the only, or atleast the biggest factor in a games score. Minecraft has fun for the imagination, but it lacks too much to push it further... after 2hours I built my nice fort, I explored the level more, but quickly grew bored and deleted the app from my browser. Just needs much more than what it is, especially if im to contribute money towards it.

Jun 25 2011 Anchor

Joe i was just like you got very bored of it and then just quit. There is lots of stuff you can do on minecraft that you dont see when you first play it. You could use INVedit or make a server with a bunch of plugins and just make big complicated structures that take you weeks. Or you can do what i did, and make youtube videos, i find it extremely fun and you might like it to. Or you can always try custom maps. They offer story lines and challenges you dont get with normal gameplay.

Hope this helps get you back into playin the game

Jul 3 2011 Anchor

Okay see all that makes sense, custom maps and plugins... and I get what you are saying, but problem is its not straight out of the box, its probably mods I would guess (hardly follow minecraft)... Anyhow, I'll rather wait for the official release and try that seeing as it is still in development, then pass final judgement based on the final package.

As for playing the game, I'm really not looking into buying a uncompleted title, and looking around for these maps and plugins not released with the game (although I probably could get it straight from moddb)...

I have no idea why this thread is still open, I guess I started it cause I was so damn dissapointed after all the hype, but really, I'm over it, as I say, I'll try it out when it's officially completed.

Thanks for the replies though.

Jul 13 2015 Anchor

Kinda crazy to look back at these thread from 4 years ago...

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