Flight Simulator X is the culmination of nearly 25 years of the landmark Flight Simulator franchise and the most significant addition to date. “Flight Simulator X” will set the standard for technological innovation, incredible graphics and realism for the genre, and also present players with a wide array of new aircraft to fly in a beautifully rich and believable world which will contain greater detail than past entries in the franchise.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X is one of the Most amazing Simulators for Civil and Military You can Currenty get on the Market with so many Airraft Types you can Pick from websites all over the Internet There is a never ending supply of Aircraft to use

aswell as the Payware Addons Which can Really Make FSX Closer to Real Life

for the GA Pilots you can find your Real aircraft as Payware from many Creators Aswell as if you Ask you can have your Virtual Aircraft Painted to Match Your Real Aircraft

With Groups like Carenado and Others The World With in Fsx is never ending fun and learning

As the years go by People keep creating more Amazing models and Addons Such as A2A Which Created Accu-Feel and Accu-sim which brings your aircraft alive!

i have payed for many types of airplanes over the Years i will keep doing this when somthing i have been waiting for comes out the most recent to come out was the Cessna 195! which is just amazing i fly it alot when ever i can

Aswell as many Freeware Addons have been coming out

Such as
Manfred Jahns DC-3/C-47 and his C-117D super DC-3

and the many aircraft Created by My Friends over at the Sim-outhouse.com

aswell as the new scenery Created By the scenery creators

there is even a tool called Fs Earth Tiles which lets users Creat There own Sat image Scenery! which i use to Create My own Custom Scenery

No more fake ground textures you can see your House if you use it!



fun fun

Stunning. After all those years of flight simulators, Microsoft never let us down. The graphics in this had improved insanely, just like the previous installments of the series. Add-ons? There are hundreds of thousands of add-on aircraft, scenery and more great stuff. Microsoft Flight Simulators have always had a briliant community. FSX is my favorite because of the insane graphics and the most details.


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