A beat 'em up/platforming/fighting game hybrid with an electro style. You can smack guys, attach their parts and get their abilities!

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Oct 24 2012 Anchor

Fellow players!
Is there some kind of move you would love to exterminate your foes with?
thinking of something that you would just be excited to see?
If you have any ideas of an ablity for Megabyte Punch please leave a message :)

(Skill Idea ):Boomerang!

[Throw a boomerange to deal damage on the way out and the way back]

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Oct 25 2012 Anchor

To be honest, I'd like to see some moves mimiced from the Super Smash Bros. series but with their own take on it!

Oct 25 2012 Anchor

Dodge roll and air-dodge would be nice - I only played up to the drill boss, so perhaps it's already there? In the same respect, I'd like it to be easier to change direction when moving (but that should just be the default, not an ability).

A Halo Reach-style armour lock would be quite neat, get the timing right and have your opponents moves work against them (or something similar to Marth/Roy's counter in Smash Bros.)

Oct 25 2012 Anchor

A Uppercut part like the Megabyte Punch arm except vertical would be great fun.

Oct 25 2012 Anchor

Personally I would be more then excited to see a grappling hook! ^^

Get over here!

Oct 27 2012 Anchor

ive only played into stage 5, but i would like a close range ability that you can activate to push away enemies standing really close to you

Oct 27 2012 Anchor

materialblade wrote: ive only played into stage 5, but i would like a close range ability that you can activate to push away enemies standing really close to you

Slash seems to be the ability that you need.

Oct 27 2012 Anchor

while i use slash, i mean more like if you used your shield it would instantly knock people away. whether or not it did damage, it would be a nice ability to have, like a reinforced shield.

Nov 19 2012 Anchor

well to stir things up in here

(laser disk)

(Throw a energy disk out like a yo yo , flying outwards to a set distance in any direction before hovering in the air and pulsing damage three times before flying back to you , when returning it deals knock back in the direction it travels) .
so in otherwords landing a perfect disk can hit four times and pull towards you , throwing into in the air and trying to line it up so it will return on your foe is another possiblity

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Mar 31 2013 Anchor

Here are a few ideas that I have for abilities:

  • Mega Stomp: Deals high damage and knockback straight down. Wind-up speed is similar to the Pound and Uppercut abilities. Perfect for meteor smashing. Victims that are on the ground when hit would likely be sent upwards as they rebound off of the floor. If used while on the ground, shockwaves around the player would send nearby opponents upwards (like Donkey Kong's down+B move).
  • Dive Kick: A downwards kick that sends the player plummeting straight down quickly. If used while grounded, the player would leap upwards and forward before executing the attack. Similar in function to the Yoshi Bomb (Yoshi's down+B move).
  • Body Slam: A slower, more powerful variant of the Dive Kick. Similar in function to the Bowser Bomb (Bowser's down+B move).
  • Laser: A projectile attack that's similar in function to the Snipe attack, being able to pierce through multiple targets. While its shots start off weaker than the Snipe attack, it charges when not in use. Eventually, the attack would be able to do heavy damage and strong knockback. Similar in function to R.O.B.'s B move.
  • Charge Blaster: A chargeable version of the Blaster ability. Starts off weak, but when fully charged, would be able to deal massive damage and knockback to a single enemy. Press the ability button down once to start charging, and again while charging (or twice in quick succession) to fire, or shield to store the charge. Similar to Samus's Charge Beam (Samus's B move).
  • Mirror Wall: Creates a wall of reflective blocks in front of the player. While these blocks can be destroyed by melee attacks and explosions, they'll reflect all manner of projectiles, including Blaster, Rapid Fire, and Snipe Shot attacks.
  • Energy Absorber: Surrounds the user with a shield that causes most projectiles (with the notable exception of explosives) to heal the user instead of harming him/her.
  • Reactive Armor: Temporarily surrounds the player in a special barrier that, when hit with any attack, bursts explosively, damaging any nearby enemies. Similar in function to Marth's Roy's and Ike's Counter move (their down+B move).
  • Firewall: Creates a small pillar of flames in front of the player. Players that wander into the pillar of flames would be hit repeatedly by the fire until it wears off.
  • Napalm Missile: A variant of the Missile ability that deals minimal knockback, but traps victims in a localized firestorm that lasts for a second or 2.
  • Napalm Mine: A variant of the Mine ability that, when detonated, creates a localized firestorm that lasts for a couple seconds.
  • Grenade: Throws or launches a grenade that is affected by gravity, bounces off of surfaces, rolls along floors, and explodes on contact. Can be aimed in multiple directions. Deals moderate damage and knockback, and can break blocks (like other explosives). Useful if your opponent likes to hide in cover.
  • Firebomb: A variant of the Grenade ability that deals minimal knockback, but traps victims in a localized firestorm that lasts for a second or 2.
  • Vampire Slice: A variant of the Slice ability that deals less damage, less knockback, and/or has less range, but restores some of the user's HP if it hits an opponent. (Shouldn't restore HP if used on breakable blocks, item crates, grass, etc.)
  • Scythe: A variant of the Slice ability that sends opponents flying in the opposite direction than usual. May do more damage and/or have greater reach than the Slice ability to compensate for its higher learning curve.
  • Super Drill: A chargeable version of the Drill ability. Hold the ability button down to charge, then release to fire.
  • Super Launch: A chargeable version of the Launch ability. Hold the ability button down to charge, then release to fire.
  • Taser: Deals no damage or knockback, but stuns an enemy that's close in front of the player. Similar in function to Mewtwo's down+B attack, which likewise stuns opponents.
  • EMP Field: Stuns nearby enemies with a series of short-range electromagnetic pulses, but leaves the user unable to move for a few seconds. Similar in function to Jigglypuff's sing attack (Jigglypuff's up+B attack).
  • Magnet: Pushes opponents that are in front of the user, and pulls opponents that are behind the user (or vice-versa), though it deals no damage or knockback, and doesn't even cause enemies to flinch (unless perhaps if the opponent is close to the player). Can be used to keep opponents that are off the stage from coming back onto the stage, pull them in for a combo, or push/pull opponents into stage hazards or traps to name a few.
  • Axe Kick: An alternative to the Pound ability, this attack causes the player to do a forward somersault (leaping forward and up a bit if grounded) that ends with a sharp kick downwards that deals high damage and knockback that's angled downwards. Wind-up time is similar to the Spinkick ability. Inspired from the Game Boy Advance game Sonic Battle.
  • Whip: A melee attack with good reach. While it normally deals minimal damage and knockback, if the tip of the whip makes contact with an opponent, then the damage and knockback become substantial. Functions similarly to Zero Suit Samus's side+B move.
  • Fire Wave: Creates a fiery projectile that travels diagonally downwards. When it hits the ground or wall, it creates a fiery wave that travels across surfaces and damages opponents multiple times as it pushes them away. Useful against opponents that are hiding behind cover. Functions similarly to Pikachu's neutral B move.
  • Flying Uppercut: A Shoryuken-like uppercut that propels the player diagonally upwards, dealing moderate damage and knockback on contact. Inspired by Mario's, Marth's, and Roy's up+B moves.
  • Flamethrower: A short-range flamethrower that gradually gets weaker as it is being used. Recharges strength when not in use. Functions similarly to Bowser's neutral B move.
  • Parachute: Glide down slowly with an umbrella or parachute.

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Apr 1 2013 Anchor

Nice! Great suggestions!

Apr 14 2013 Anchor

A few more ability ideas:

  • Arrow: Fire a penetrating arrow that travels at high velocity, and is affected by gravity. Typically found in parts that incorporate a bow, crossbow, or speargun in them.
  • Poison Dart: Same as arrow ability, only that it poisons enemies on contact. Typically found in parts that incorporate a blowgun.
  • Spread Shot: Fires a shotgun-like burst of pellets (that travel at bullet-like velocities) that spreads out over long distances. Obviously, it would deal more damage and knockback against closer enemies.
  • Yo-Yo: Launches a spinning blade attached to a string that yo-yos out a short distance, dealing decent damage, but minimal knockback. Inspired by Kirby's Yo-Yo ability from Kirby Super Star.
  • Flipkick: A backwards-somersaulting kick that knocks opponents upward. An alternative to the Uppercut if no free arm slots are available. Inspired by Fox McCloud's up-smash attacks throughout the Super Smash Bros. series, where he backflips as he kicks opponents upwards.

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May 16 2013 Anchor

Pfeh, ShadowWolfTJC seems to have posted most of the the abilities I'd like to see already. :p

Laser, Firewall and Energy Absorber are awesome suggestions. Also, charge abilities would be oh-so satisfying to use.

Jun 8 2013 Anchor

So, this isn't really a suggestion for a new ability, but a suggestion to improve two of the abilities I've recently been using alot, that being Virus Slice and Missile.

The problem with Virus Slice is, that the Stun Duration or Knockback is too low or the attack animation is too long. If I hit an enemy with Virus Slice, they recover before my attack animation ends, which allows them to get free hits in without me being able to defend in any way.

Missile is just weird in the way, that it is able to arch out of the cameras field of vision and hit the enemy or me, without there being any indication of the Missile.
I'd probably fix it by making the missile another Megac-type entity, so the camera zooms out and you're always able to see the missile.

Apart from that, I do love this game a lot and I'm looking forward to new abilities and things.

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