As Marine Private Tommy Conlin, you must survive the hell of Pacific Theater of Operations - starting from Pearl Harbor attack, finishing on Allied victories over Pacific (about 35 levels). The game uses a greatly improved Medal of Honor engine, with Havok system physics, dynamic lighting, mirroring effects, detailed textures, real-world visuals and many more.

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One of the few good games representing the Pacific War during World War II. The beautiful graphics really illustrate the atmosphere of those events amidst the horrors of war.


Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault is a great improvement over previous Medal of Honor titles. The addition of the ability to pick up your fallen enemies weapons and iron sights made the game all that more fun. I enjoyed journeying through the jungles and running around pearl harbor. However, I didn't really enjoy the flight combat and I found it was hard to manipulate the aircraft.


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a great world war ii game. the ai is incredible. the japs, for example, give banzai charge when morale is too low or when are pinned down. it's not perfect but what game does? if you want to play epic battles like pearl harbor, makin atoll,guadalcanal's jungle and tarawa. for those who love wwii games this is the game for you.


One of the best FPS set in WW2 and best game about Pacific front ;-)
Great plot and gameplay !


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good ps2 game


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