It is the twilight of the Clans. The Inner Sphere's massive counterstrike against the vicious Smoke Jaguar Clan rages on, but victory is elusive. Your mission: conduct a high-impact commando raid on one of the last Clan outposts - and possibly break the back of the Clans forever. But be warned, MechWarrior, for you face the battle-hardened elite of a once superior force. In this, their last stand, it is YOU who risk extiction!

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SamVision says

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The best Mechwarrior game.


ProtokSt says

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Interesting game exactly.
Own style of Mechs, original single-missions line. Managing your own weapon complects. Cool clashes with opponents on big free maps.


steelrain1992 says

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Brings back the good old days of MW.

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