Maziaks Exit the Maze trought the Exit Door. Retrieve the Treasure and use it to Unlock the Exit Door. Eat Berries for healing. Avoid the Spikes. Use the Brittle Swords to fight the Creatures. And Most important SURVIVE.

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Lunaticraze says

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Graphics: 1/2★
Gameplay: ★
Story: ★
Music&Sounds: ★
Atmosphere: ★★
Fun: ★


Very short but awesome game. I loved it and will certainly play this way more often just for fun. It is simple, yet exciting and I recommend it to anyone who wants to have fun. The graphics are not great but acceptable, the gameplay is casual, the story is barely available but a good attempt, the overall atmosphere is great and even though I have some negative aspects the game is great fun. Given it is still in beta (or was when I played it) it certainly shows a lot of attention and I am definetely tracking this for future updates. Good job!


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