Journey into the gritty and not particularly pleasant world of Max Payne. This third person action game features a strong storyline and an altogether interesting antihero. Max Payne is a gritty journey to the present day New York City during the worst winter blizzard in a century. The thriller pulp story keeps the players guessing right on till the end. The game shoots from the lowest slum pits to the greatest skyscraper heights, leaving behind a trail of corpses, splatters of blood, and empty brass rolling on the floor.

Blue199 says

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They were all dead. The final cutscene was an exclaimation mark to all that led up to this point. I released my finger from the mouse and then it was all over.
To make any sense of it I need to go back 6 months - back to the night I installed Max Payne.
OK, enough quoting, this is one of the best games ever. It has a great, emotional, engaging story, about despair and revenge, with a lil' bit of conspiracy, great dialogues and monologues, sometimes some humour here and there, and a lot of athmosphere. Blizzard-torn New York, with it's darkest places, a great noir story. And the music, holly crap, it's beautiful!
But it's still a game, so what about gameplay? It's one of the most action-packed games I've played, shootouts remind me of Matrix trilogy. Bullet time, dual wielding, etc.
I don't know what else to tell, I already rated it, so I might aswell stop here. So yeah, the end.

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